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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Eric and Matt convene to dig into Maryland’s victory over Nebraska and breakdown why the Terps have such a tough time closing the door on teams. Later, the guys have The Definitive Evan Smotrycz Conversation, condemning the student’s booing of him in the last game and peeling back the onion on this much maligned and complex Terp. They also preview Wisconsin, talk Dez Wells and senior day against Michigan, and close with the news of defensive coordinator Brian Stewart’s ouster. All that and more, on today’s Red Shell Radio.

Topics discussed include:

  • Maryland’s 69-65 victory over Nebraska at home
  • Similarities between this game and the win over Penn State
  • Gushing over Melo Trimble, scores 26 on nine shots, hits two big three-pointers in the final four minutes
  • The Big Three strikes again
  • Dez Wells and Richaud Pack hold Terran Petteway to 8 points, 2-14 shooting
  • Why does Maryland struggle to slam the door on teams?
  • The Definitive Evan Smotrycz Conversation:
    • The students cheer when he’s subbed out for Damonte Dodd
    • Eric has a new theory on Smo
    • Where does this irrational anger come from?
    • What’s Smotrycz’ deal?
    • Is he actually the fourth best player on the team?
    • Let’s be real, though, he has massively regressed from last year
    • Why do we have different standards for him than fellow transfer Jonathan Graham?
  • The Wisconsin game
  • We’re excited for it! The Xfinity Center is going to be rockin’
  • Traffic will be a nightmare, it’s impossible to get from work to the game for a 7 p.m. tip
  • CT says the way to beat Wisconsin is to frustrate Frank Kaminsky and try to get him into foul trouble
  • Miller thinks the key will be on the offensive end
  • Final home game against the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday
  • CT shells out for Michigan tickets
  • Dez’ last game in College Park, CT has as soft spot for Dez. Red Shell Radio has been around for his entire career at Maryland, covering the news of his immediate eligibility in the first episode
  • Defensive coordinator Brian Steward is OUT at Maryland
  • Stewart is replaced from within with inside linebackers coach Keith Dudzinski
  • Eric and CT are surprised at the move, at this point in time – Matt is not, reminding the pod this is something Randy Edsall has done before
  • Stefon Diggs shines at the combine, Deon Long looks nice too

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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan and Eric look back at a stabilizing week for Maryland basketball with a tight home win over Indiana and a completion of the sweep against the Nittany Lions on the road. Later, they discuss their Valentine's Day plans, if the game came in conflict with those plans and they touch on McDonald's new Old Bay fish filet sandwich. Topics covered include:

  • The guys' lack of snowday 
  • Dan gets fired up about teachers demanding days off on Facebook
  • Thoughts on the Indiana game
  • CT and BBQ Ben go to the game, Ben gets made about the guy who stands in front of him -- What do you do in such a situation?
  • Yogi Ferrell as a ferocious jungle cat -- He almost hits a shot to win and tie at the buzzer
  • Do you have rivalry feelings about Penn State?
  • Thoughts on Pat Chambers' post-game comments
  • The tradition of PSU coaches talking trash about Maryland
  • The season looks very different today than it did a week ago
  • Did your Valentine's Day conflict with the Terps game?
  • Old Bay Filet O' Fish is released locally


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Today in the SVP Lounge, the four-man squad of CT, Dan, Eric and Matt meet to discuss Maryland’s third straight thrashing on the road against Iowa, preceded by a tough game against Penn State at home. Topics discussed include:

  • Matt returns to the lounge after sickness and a Vegas trip
  • Adam Woodberry poking Melo Trimble in the eye
  • The dreadful first half against Iowa
  • Don’t hit the panic button
  • Trimble breaks out of his field goal drought, scores 20
  • Matt thinks the Terps’ struggles on the road are mental
  • Was that actual the worst half of basketball we’ve seen in recent history?
  • Tight one against Penn State at home
  • Eric felt the team looked tentative shooting in the first half against the Nittany Lions
  • Layman still goes in and out of a lot of games, same as it ever was
  • A look at the race for second place in the Big Ten
  • Dan asks if the offense runs better without Dez Wells on the floor?
  • Former Jacksonville Jaguars running backs coach Terry Richardson hired for the same position with Maryland
  • Caleb Rowe applies for an extra year of eligibility  


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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan and Eric convene to do their best to stay levelheaded following a blasting by Ohio State in Columbus. They examine what’s been ailing Maryland in recent weeks, the most frustrating things about this poor spell of play, look ahead at the schedule and discuss reasons why Terp fans should stay positive. The guys also describe what they do to clear their heads after a rough week at work and Dan has a pair of odd purchases from Amazon.

Later, the guys welcome to the Lounge Adam McGinnis, Iowa alumnus and blogger at Adam. Topics discussed include:

  • Recapping Iowa’s season to this point
  • Aaron White’s injury status
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the Hawkeyes
  • A brief rundown of the current Maryland squad
  • The benefits of joining the Big Ten
  • Raycom sucks
  • Iowa’s recent coaching history
  • The Adam Woodbury-Dan Dakich-Fran McCaffery drama
  • Greg Anthony busted for picking up a hooker in Logan Circle 


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