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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Matt, Dan and Eric wrap up the regular season and look ahead to post-season play, which they’ve been waiting on for a week. The guys get into Mark Turgeon getting the media Big Ten Coach of the Year Award, who’s more deserving: Turgeon or Wisconsin’s Bo Ryan, if Maryland is really the #8 team in the country, the ugliness of the Nebraska and Rutgers games, potential Big Ten tournament match-ups and much more #RollTerps

Topics discussed include:

  • Matt gets a new car, invents the Miller Index
    Mark Turgeon wins media-voted Big Ten Coach of the Year, Bo Ryan gets the award from the coaches
  • Who really deserves it? Eric thinks Turgeon deserves it, Dan thinks it’s unfair to to discount Bo Ryan because of his team’s talent and the fulfillment of expectations
  • The Miller Index ranks Turgeon as a better looking coach than Ryan
  • "For an older gentleman, he doesn’t look bad”
  • The podcast gets interrupted by Matt’s roommate, the guys discuss the best podcast interruptions of the season
  • It would have been laughable to think this was the #8 team in the country in the fall
  • Is Maryland really the eighth best team in the country? Where do they actually fall?
  • CT thinks the effort the team put forth this year is what put them over the edge, especially in tight contests. Big difference between this year’s team and last
  • The guys have the “lucky, damn good or somewhere in between” conversation as it pertains to close games
  • The Nebraska game was an ugly foul-fest
  • It’s not lucky that the Terps are money at drawing and making free throws
  • Rutgers game also wasn’t great
  • Dez Wells has a big game, been going bananas lately
  • BBQ Ben pours Dan a huge glass of wine
  • Tons of Maryland fans in Piscataway, N.J. — Rutgers is a disaster
  • The RAC looks like an old Soviet bunker
  • Terps have the #2 seed in the Big Ten tournament
  • The guys would, obviously, prefer to play Northwestern
  • Northwestern is playing well, Indiana swooning
  • Matt says it doesn’t matter who the Terps play, CT is having a hard time being comfortable that Maryland can beat anyone in the conference
  • Dan tells CT not to make ribs for the games, last time the Terps got blown out to Indiana
  • Selection Sunday should be exciting 
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