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RSR-Terps Lose to Sparty, the Pod Meltdowns, Readies for NCAAs

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan and Eric convene following the semi-final loss to Michigan State to sort through the wreckage and look ahead to the NCAA tournament. Red Shell Radio reflects on a great first half, but they didn’t think it would last. The guys then look at the flatness of the second half and how the Terps eventually lost. CT melts down on people patting themselves on the back for “calling” this loss. The guys agree Terp fans need to move on and hope for good things in the NCAA tournament. Expectations have adjusted for this team and the second weekend of the tournament is the new goal. 

We’ll be back on Tuesday morning to discuss where Maryland is going in the first weekend and preview who they will face. 


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RSR-Maryland Downs Indiana in Big Ten Quarters

This evening in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan, Matt and Eric convene following Maryland’s thrilling victory over Indiana in the Big Ten quarter finals. The guys immediately salt any “this team is lucky” talk by examining how the Terps keep winning close games. They heap praise on the team, come to terms with its shortcomings and how they overcome them. Later, they discuss who they’d rather play, Ohio State or Michigan State (This episode was recorded during that quarter final game), and agree that at this stage it’s a matter of picking your poison. Plus: Should the guys all wear the same shirts they wore for the Indiana game during tomorrow’s semifinals?

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