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Maryland Football - 2015 Season Preview
Today on Red Shell Radio, CT, Dan, Eric and Matt deliver a monstrous 2015 Maryland Terrapin football preview podcast. In this preseason primer, the guys let you know what to expect from both sides of the ball this season, breaking things down unit-by-unit and running through the schedule. 
This is another in-person show recorded to kick off the season. If you have yet to do so, listen to last week’s “The Maryland Draft” show, where the Red Shell guys assembled teams with various Terp-related institutions, such as the Maryland Flag, Under Armour and the Gary Williams fist pump.
Red Shell Radio will return next week to talk Richmond Spiders, the opening weekend of the college football season, basketball news and speculation, tailgating and much more.
Topics discussed this include:

  • Go back and listen to the Maryland Draft episode from last week
  • The plan is to preview the 2015 football season, going through unit-by-unit and doling out hot takes
  • Eric wants to fast forward to 2016
  • Most of the guys agree the Rutgers game still stings, 8 wins would’ve been nice, Matt disagrees
  • Every gives their general feelings on the team this year, overall strengths, concerns
  • First and foremost, the quarterback battle is discussed, Oklahoma State transfer Daxx Garman brought in to compete for the starting job
  • Dan and Matt think Caleb Rowe is Randy Edsall’s guy — That’s the first official hot take of the pod
  • The offense is going to look much different with whoever is playing quarterback than it did with CJ Brown last year
  • Rowe is a GUNSLINGER and Perry Hills is the GRIT
  • Moving onto the running game, Brandon Ross and Wes Brown are battling to be the no. 1 option
  • Last year’s running game was atrocious, CJ Brown was your leading rushing
  • It’s imperative that Maryland figures our a way to be successful running the ball
  • Dan presents his research on the offensive line, we’re going to start seeing some of the talent Randy has accrued in the past few years, average offensive line weight jumped 10 pounds
  • Big losses at receiver from last year, but the cupboard remains stocked with talent
  • Eric is worried about the group is mostly unproven
  • The guys are bummed about losing Juwann Winfree and Marcus Leak
  • Shifting over to the defensive side of the ball with a bit of review from last year 
  • Keith Dudzinski replaces Brian Stewart, implements 4-3 defense
  • The secondary could be lockdown this season, safeties are strong upperclassmen and the cornerbacks could be the best in the Big Ten
  • It’s redemption time for AJ Hendy, Matt says to look out for Denzel Conyers, Anthony Nixon took his lumps on those early bad Randy teams, but now is primed for a breakout
  • Will Likely is the most important player on the team, obvz 
  • Sean Davis will play cornerback full time this year, is a prolific tackler
  • Alvin Hill is back from injury as well
  • All four of Maryland’s starting linebackers graduated, but, like with the wide receiver position, there is talent
  • Maryland loses Abner Logan in camp
  • Defensive line is the biggest question mark on this team
  • Quinton Jefferson is back from injury, Yannick Ngakoue has moved to defensive end
  • Dan wants to do see Kingsley Opara and his cardigan on the field 
  • Reflecting on Brad Craddock’s greatness
  • The Terps could be in a lot of close games, and a good special teams could be the difference maker
  • Matt hated Nate Renfro last year, thinks he’ll meet seven people that night in D.C. that are better than Renfro
  • Can Craddock punt?
  • Likely is a king punt returner
  • The guys move on to running down the season
  • CT is missing the home opener, Michigan, possibly Penn State
  • At West Virginia is the first real test of the season
  • If Maryland could win one of West Virginia/Michigan, they’ll be in good shape
  • CT will be in San Francisco during the Ohio State game, Dan runs down CT’s recent travel spots
  • Penn State in Baltimore is the biggest game of the year
  • There will be guests abound this season, so stay tuned
  • Eric is worried about injuries by the time we get to the Iowa game
  • Wisconsin and Michigan State stand to be back-to-back losses
  • Terps could close the season strong with wins over Indiana and Rutgers
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The Maryland Draft
Today on Red Shell Radio, Dan, Matt and Eric join CT in the SVP Lounge, live and in person to kick of their fourth season of podcasting. To get things started this year, the pod holds the “Maryland Draft,” where the guys each draft three University of Maryland-related items. With 12 overall picks, the guys select things like Under Armour, the Maryland flag, Testudo and much more. 
Red Shell Radio will resume its schedule of recording Mondays and releasing shows Tuesday mornings starting next week with an overstuffed football preview podcast.
Topics discussed include:

  • Red Shell Radio is back for its fourth season, kicking off the year with the Maryland draft
  • CT is terrible with his phone, plays mean voicemail Matt leaves him
  • The guys will go through and draft 12 Maryland-related items
  • Eric takes the national championship team with the first pick
  • The guys run into Gary Williams in Rehoboth Beach
  • Dan selects the Thirsty Turtle, says it defines his college career
  • CT picks the Maryland flag with the third pick
  • The “What are your bottom five states?” discussion starts, but is ultimately tabled, Matt considers Pennsylvania and Ohio bottom five
  • Matt takes Under Armour with the fourth pick
  • Eric takes Scott Van Pelt, one of the most visible Maryland alums, always pumping up the Terps
  • Dan takes the Gary Williams fist pump
  • CT takes noon kickoffs, the guys talk about how noon kicks have defined the recent Maryland football fan experience, getting to the parking lot early to tailgate and streaming the game on the internet
  • Matt takes non revenue sports
  • Eric takes Chick-fil-a in Stamp Student Union, agreed that the food court as a whole is top notch
  • Dan continues to draft on nostalgia and drafts the $54.99 keg of Natural Light at Town Hall Liquors
  • CT takes Testudo, they all comment on his various forms
  • Matt takes Debbie Yow spending irresponsibly, defends her track record as an athletics director
  • Eric’s girlfriend Amy steps in as an impartial judge, declares CT the winner
  • Dan runs down everyone’s draft classes, declares Eric his winner
  • The guys don’t want to do the draft again next year
  • CT reels off the “undrafted free agents"
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