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Today on Red Shell Radio, the guys look back at a tough loss to Penn State in Baltimore in what was, surprisingly, a fun game to watch. They discuss missed opportunities, turnovers and grasp at moral victories. Later, they preview Iowa, ask how long the Terps might hang with the Hawkeyes, and discuss Maryland basketball landing at No. 24 in Ken Pomeroy's preseason rankings.
Topics discussed include:
  • Do you guys remember what it was like to lose a close game? A game that you truly were vested in the outcome?
  • For at least one Saturday this year, football was fun
  • Maryland had plenty of opportunities to win this game, couldn’t get it done
  • Stings to lose to James Franklin
  • Eric says the tailgating scene was awesome, Penn State heavy. The inside of the stadium was 50/50 and there were fights!
  • The early turnovers were killer
  • Secondary got bombed by Christian Hackenberg — long ball repeatedly killed the Terps
  • Perry Hills had five turnovers, some how made them less backbreaking than Caleb Rowe would have
  • Talking about five turnovers as an improvement shows how ugly things really are
  • Will Likely and Shane Cockerille make appearances. Eric says Cockerille’s appearances remind him of Josh Portis showing up to run the option 
  • Penn State strikes twice right before the half to go up 17-14
  • Terps have two nice, long touchdown drives in the third quarter — Another sign of progress
  • The guys grasp at moral straws
  • Dan hopes that the loss puts to rest any Mike Locksley for head coach talk
  • Terps had multiple chances to take the lead back and win the game in the 4th quarter. Defense hung tough, giving the ball back to the offense multiple times, but the offense couldn’t hold up their end of the deal
  • Defensive line played really well
  • Firing Randy Edsall midseason was a good call, brings a different dynamic to the team
  • Can Maryland hang with Iowa? CT and Eric don’t think it’s that crazy
  • Eric’s a secret Iowa fan, fills the guys in on the undefeated team
  • The Hawkeyes dodged a bullet in missing the B1G East’s big three, could end the regular season undefeated
  • CT and Matt talk to a guy with inside knowledge on the coaching search and conclude no one knows anything
  • Dan shows off his basketball season ticket booklet
  • Ken Pomeroy has Maryland ranked at No. 24 in his preseason rankings, Terp fans need to settle down
  • Stefon Diggs has a great day for the Vikings, makes one of the catches of the year

Previewing Penn State with Ty Hildenbrandt, SVP Bringing SportsCenter to College Park
Today on Red Shell Radio, the guys are joined by the Solid Verbal’s Ty Hildenbrandt to preview Maryland-Penn State. They discuss the head coaching search, year two of James Franklin, what’s happened to Christian Hackenberg and look out for Saquon Barkley. Plus: Scott Van Pelt will broadcast SportsCenter from Xfinity Center after Maryland hosts Georgetown and the Terrapins land at #3 in the USA Today Coaches poll.
Topics discussed include:
  • How do the guys listen to the pod?
  • What did you do during the bye week?
  • Wild ending to the Michigan-Michigan State game
  • Groupon deal for Maryland-Penn State in Baltimore. Projecting the turnout among both fan bases 
  • First game for Mike Locksley as head coach, hopefully will they come out with energy as they did against Ohio State
  • Also hoped for improved play calling and that Perry Hills can be effective, again, with his legs
  • How does everyone feel about Penn State? Certainly one of the “winnable” games left on the schedule
  • Last week’s argument about who made the game-saving tackle on Ricky Dobbs in the 2010 Navy game at M&T Bank settled
  • The Solid Verbal’s Ty Hildenbrant joins the guys in the SVP Lounge to talk Maryland-Penn State
  • Ty gives the Penn State perspective on the Maryland-Penn State rivalry, says Rutgers tweaks Nittany Lion fans 
  • CT and Ty commiserate on fall weddings and how in your late 20s they can bog down your fall and football season
  • Dan breaks down the scale of delusion overrating or underrating the Maryland football job
  • Would you take Lane Kiffin or roll the dice on the field?
  • Exploring the theory that Greg Schiano hires people to talk him up online for head coaching jobs
  • Ty’s thoughts on handshake-gate from last year’s game
  • Year two of the James Franklin era: Ty is a fan of James Franklin the recruiter, not the strategic mind
  • There are three schools of thought when it comes to the head coaching position at Penn State
  • Ty’s soured on Christian Hackenberg, he only threw the ball 12 times last week
  • Penn State plays good defense, defensive line will cause problems for Maryland’s offensive line
  • Saquon Barkley is a serious threat on the ground
  • Game predictions
  • Any regrets you didn’t go to Magic Maryland Madness? Dan calls out CT for the negative episode title last week
  • Die hard fans would enjoy an actual midnight practice
  • Robert Carter is looking “chiseled,” Ceko looks ripped as well
  • Just when you think you can’t love Scott Van Pelt any more, he'll host SportsCenter at the Xfinity Center after Maryland-Georgetown
  • Terps land at No. 3 in the USA Today Coaches poll — Do you care where they’re ranked?
  • The guys explain where they are on their hatred for Georgetown
  • The new basketball hype video is killer

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan, Eric and Matt convene to talk about Randy Edsall’s firing as Maryland head football coach. They react to the news breaking on Thursday, the Terps playing surprisingly tough against Ohio State, the awkward post game press conference and Mike Locksley’s status. Plus: Outlook on the rest of the season, a Kenny Tate/Adrian Moten argument, don’t go to Magic Maryland Madness and more.
Topics discussed include:
  • Randy Edsall OUT as Maryland football head coach, Mike Locksley named the interim head coach
  • Did you really believe it when the Jeff Ermann dropped the news that Edsall would be fired following the Ohio State game?
  • Thoughts on how Kevin Anderson handled the situation, from the news leak to the press conference
  • The Terps go out and play hard against Ohio State before the Buckeyes pulled away half way through the first quarter
  • Had to be excited after that first score, at least a little bit, right?
  • The guys agree that even if the Terps had beaten Ohio State that Maryland would have fired Edsall anyway
  • You could tell by the play calling that Randy knew this was it
  • Perry Hills rushing the ball is what kept Maryland in the game, he’s probably going to be the starter going forward
  • The wide receivers have been garbage
  • Matt, again, wants Brad Craddock to punt
  • The guys speak highly about Hills’ performance, but that doesn’t mean they’re high on Hills
  • Most of Locksley’s more successful offenses have come with mobile quarterbacks, so expect to see more of Perry Hills using his legs
  • Randy storms out of the press conference after a dumb first question. Weird way to see him go out
  • What’s the outlook for the rest of the season? Does anything really change?
  • What’s Locksley’s status if he starts winning games? Should Maryland’s next head coach try and retain him in some capacity?
  • How would you recruit high schoolers to Maryland? CT would go the Louisville-hooker route
  • Saying goodbye to Randy Edsall. What were the high points of his tenure? They’re limited
  • How will the openings at Southern California and South Carolina affect Maryland’s coaching search?
  • Early head coaching candidates? Season is going to have to play out for any progress to be made on this front. Hooray weeks of baseless speculation!
  • CT thinks that Greg Schiano hires people to throw his name into coaching searches. Nobody wants him, yet his name always comes up
  • Penn State kick off set for 3:30
  • The guys debate whether it was Kenny Tate or Adrian Moten who made the 4th-and-goal tackle on Navy’s Ricky Dobbs back in the 2010 opener
  • Magic Maryland Madness is Saturday. He’s the list of guys from the podcast attending:
  • Do anything but go to Magic Maryland Madness
  • The pod continues to debate Moten vs. Tate
  • CBS Sports releases their 101 top college basketball players heading into the 2015-16 season

Today in the SVP Lounge, Ramzy Nasrallah from Eleven Warriors joins CT to talk Ohio State, last year’s wild ride to the college football playoff title, the Buckeyes’ struggles this year, how to fix the offense, who to fear on defense and much more. Plus: CT hangs out solo to discuss Gary Parrish’s CBS Sports article on Mark Turgeon.
Topics discussed include:
  • Ramzy gives a rundown of the roller coaster that was the end of the Buckeyes’ 2014-15 season, describes everything as surreal 
  • There’s a list of reasons why last year’s magic hasn’t completely transitioned to the new season
  • A lot of fans are nearing crisis mode, Ramzy thinks Ohio State is a few small fixes away from turning into that team at the end of last season
  • Urban Meyer suggests using JT Barrett inside the red zone, CT thinks trying out some new offensive wrinkles against the Terps is the perfect time to experiment
  • Ramzy insists Maryland will give Ohio State its best shot, like every other team
  • Ohio State has played some ugly games against inferior opponents thus far
  • Joey Bossa is playing like it’s the Super Bowl every damn game
  • The defense rarely has a bad play, let alone two in a row
  • CT asks Ramzy about Michigan State and Michigan at the end of the season, he doesn’t want to to think about it because that means football would be over
  • Don’t plan your wedding during the fall
  • A solo CT discusses Gary Parrish’s Mark Turgeon story and his interview this morning on The Sports Junkies in Washington, D.C.
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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan and Eric discuss another rough weekend as Maryland is manhandled again, this time by Michigan. They talk about when Randy Edsall gets the ax, the players only meeting, Hurricane Joaquin and the noon kickoff, the defense’s bold first half performance, the ineptitude of the offense and more. Plus: Urban Meyer omits Maryland from his Monday presser, CT is going to San Francisco, early season non-conference basketball games and Stefon Diggs in his NFL debut. 
Look out for a new episode tomorrow featuring Ramzy Nasrallah from 11 Warriors, talking Ohio State as they get ready to take on the Terps Saturday in Columbus. 
Topics discussed include:
  • Another rough weekend, you guys
  • Randy Edsall is always smiling
  • The guys immediately dive into Edsall’s current job status. Does he get fired midseason? Eric and Dan say it doesn’t do anything for the team
  • Players only meeting held, Edsall’s blindsided. Has he lost the players? This is just a bigger piece in the larger puzzle
  • Looming hurricane causes the game time to be shifted from 8 p.m. to noon. The guys are bummed there won’t be another night game this year
  • Eric says environment was sad on Saturday, tons of perfectly nice Michigan fans taking over Byrd Stadium
  • Dan says Yannick Ngakoue is the only player on the team worthy of snaps
  • The wide receivers have been super disappointing 
  • Remember when the entire offensive line laid down?
  • Caleb Rowe throws three interceptions, could’ve had five
  • Daxx Garman comes in and looks completely lost — CT things is particularly damning of the coaching staff
  • The guys talk Ohio State. They’re the No. 1 team in the country and it feels like they’ve got 99 problems
  • Urban Meyer doesn’t mention Maryland once in his Monday press conference, opposing fans don’t even talk shit
  • Meyer has more to worry about with his own team than their opponent
  • Ohio State’s struggled in nearly all of their games this year, sad to think they won’t with the Terps
  • CT is going to San Francisco, visiting Alcatraz on his birthday. He’s living the wedding life, has them back-to-back weekends
  • Bacon wrapped scallops the no. 1 seed for hors d’oeuvres/finger foods
  • The guys are excited about Maryland basketball’s early season non-conference games
  • Stefon Diggs has a nice NFL debut for the Minnesota Vikings
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