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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT and Eric convene following a nail biter of a victory over Rider, diagnose what ails the team, discuss the Terps trip to Cancun, Eric’s trip to Chapel Hill and Maryland’s shiny new No. 2 ranking in the AP and Coaches polls. Plus: More “football is an abomination” talk, Yannick Ngakoue and Brandon Ross’ big days, the quarterback situation getting even worse, coaching rumors, the guys want Les Miles and a shout out to Sasho Cirovski and the Maryland men’s soccer team.

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Matt and Eric break down an epic evening for the University of Maryland by discussing a victory over long-dormant rival Georgetown, why the Terps and Hoyas should play every year, what didn’t work on the court, the insanity of the crowd, Rasheed Sulaimon and Robert Carter making their presence known, Melo Trimble abusing his body, which line-up worked the best and more. Plus: The legend himself Scott Van Pelt doing SportsCenter from the Xfinity Center floor following the game, Greivis Vasquez’s appearance in the student section, the night as a recruiting tool and a recap of the win over Mount Saint Mary’s.

Topics discussed include:

  • Huge night for the University of Maryland
  • Very exciting show ahead
  • ¾ of the pod were in attendance
  • Atmosphere was live
  • Huge amount of chatter in the area about the game
  • CT asked on the street twice if he was going to the Terps game, Eric’s office buzzing
  • Acting like children during the game
  • Why shouldn’t we see this game consistently?
  • If you’re influential within either Maryland or Georgetown and you’re reading this: KEEP THIS SERIES GOING. DO IT FOR THE AWESOME BASKETBALL
  • Diving into the 75-71 victory
  • The Terps were down early and down most of the second half. How concerned was everyone?
  • Georgetown was really unlucky to lose, they were better for most the game
  • Crowd was a massive advantage
  • Jake Layman was totally lost in the first half, Rasheed Sulaimon was excellent and kept the Terps in the game
  • What’re your concerns? Matt says he’s right where he thought they’d be
  • The guys, regrettably, talk more about how strong Georgetown was. Impressive that the Terps were able to win the game down the stretch
  • The offense in the final five minutes was wonderful
  • The Melo Trimble dribble-drive offense does the trick in a pinch
  • Line-up talk: The smaller line-up at the end of the game (Carter-Layman-Nickens-Sulaimon-Trimble) seemed to prove most successful
  • Eric asks if last year’s Maryland team could’ve won that game? Could they have closed the game out like the Terps did last night?
  • Rasheed Sulaimon and Robert Carter Jr. add a toughness and an experience level to this team that it did not previously had
  • Scott Van Pelt brings SportsCenter to College Park
  • Greivis Vasquez makes an appearance, fires up the crowd when he walks in
  • The whole night was a great recruiting tool
  • SVP and Kevin Plank go to Bentley’s after SportsCenter concludes
  • Mount Saint Mary’s was a good start-up game last Friday night
  • Scoring was balanced
  • Fun to see Diamond Stone have a solid first collegiate performance
  • Brushing over football after another loss to Michigan State
  • Can the Terps get a Big Ten win in the final two weeks of the season?
  • Wes Brown suspended again. Matt never wants him to play for Maryland again
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Today on Red Shell Radio, CT, Dan, Eric and Matt convene in the SVP Lounge to discuss a sad Saturday for the Maryland Terrapins that featured a loss to Wisconsin, Trevon Diggs committing to Alabama and news that Dion Wiley would be out for the year with a torn meniscus. Plus: an exhibition game recap, the beer situation at Xfinity Center, Looney's is horribly laid out and Bentley's is charging $15 for cover these days. 

Topics discussed include:

  • Saturday was a bad day for Terrapin sports
  • Football loses its sixth straight game
  • Looked good in the first half, came unraveled in the second
  • Dammit, Ross brothers
  • Dion Wiley tears his meniscus, out for the year
  • Pointing to the Terps depth is what most will do, but this is a big loss
  • Trevon Diggs commits to Alabama, who can blame him?
  • The way Maryland underutilized Stefon Diggs, had no quarterback during his time in College Parks, cost him a lot of money. The Diggs family bridge to Maryland is effectively burned.
  • Other schools using Stefon Diggs against the Terps in recruiting, "how'd it work out for him?"
  • Brad Craddock has surgery on his hand, might never see him play for Maryland again
  • The impact of Dion Wiley's loss on the Terps' lineups, starting and how the guards change roles as Melo Trimble goes in and out of the game
  • This more or less ensures Jake Layman will be playing exclusively at the three
  • Anthony Cowan and Kevin Huerter sign their letters of intent
  • CT not going to the the Mount Saint Mary's or Georgetown games
  • Dan gives the rundown on the beer situation at Xfinity
  • Looney's is a horribly laid out bar
  • Bentley's charged a $15 cover on Saturday night. What a joke
  • Dan summarizes the exhibition game
  • Diamond Stone gets the start, leads the Terps in scoring in limited minutes
  • Ivan Bender sighting

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan and Matt kick off their fourth basketball season doing Red Shell Radio by previewing the much-hyped 2015/16 Maryland Terrapins men's basketball team. They answer a slew of BURNING questions about the squad, running down nearly every guy on the roster and dishing out HOT takes during this monstrous preview podcast.

Topics discussed include:

  • Hey guys it’s basketball season! We’re pumped!
  • Mark Turgeon from the HOT SEAT to the DRIVER SEAT
  • Entering the season, the biggest concern I have about this team is __________
  • Expectations could be a problem, Dan wants to be a top Ken Pomeroy rankings team
  • Romelo Trimble is the Big Ten preseason player of the year. Does he end up winning the actual award?
  • Obvz, Melo is the most important player on the team. Hopefully he doesn’t have to shoulder the bulk of the scoring work. Does his time at the Pan Am games affect his game?
  • How confident are you in Jaylen Brantley’s ability to effectively back-up Melo Trimble at the point guard position? He needs to take the ball up the court and spell Melo for 8-10 minutes
  • Dan will wear one of CT’s dirty t-shirts if Brantley plays more than 10 minutes a game
  • Is Rasheed Sulaimon the missing link? How does he fill the void left by Dez Wells?
  • The pod is excited about the fact that Sulaimon is a turncoat
  • The Terps have an embarrassment of riches in the front court
  • Diamond Stone has the luxury of progressing and not needing to perform immediately with Damonte Dodd and Michal Cekovsky
  • If there’s one thing Turgeon knows how to do, it's develop big men. All three of those guys could play well
  • What are the line-ups going to look like? Are they going big all the time? What will they look like when they go small?
  • Does Jake Layman emerge as a great, everyday player? Or will he continue to drift in and out of games?
  • Out of all the Mark Turgeon castaway’s that left the program following the 2013-14 season, who will have the best year? The worst?
  • CT hopes Nick Faust is junk out at Long Beach State
  • Which member of the show will make the biggest fool of themselves before/during/after the Princeton game in Baltimore
  • Does Dion Wiley emerge as a viable third guard or is he still another year away from being consistent?
  • Will Robert Carter be the second best player on the team? Don’t we always hear this about the transfer who sat out last season?
  • The guys share what they’ve been drinking throughout the show
  • Mark Turgeon is the star in this puzzle, but has the tough task of figuring out how to properly utilize nine to ten guys
  • How is this team’s mindset different from Turgeon's early disaster squads
  • Dan wishes Turgeon would have the team play faster, zone defense -- both have been effective at getting us back into games
  • Don’t forget about Jared Nickens!
  • Bench talk with Varun Ram, Kurt Auslander and Ivan Bender
  • Hot takes to end the show
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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan and Eric discuss Maryland's latest loss to an undefeated Iowa team, whether Homecoming is a Hallmark holiday, Stefon Diggs tearing it  up in Minnesota, why you shouldn't be mad the Terps are ranked #3 in the first Associated Press poll, Halloween costumes and a pair of bold predictions for the coming weeks.

Programming note: The guys will convene on Thursday night for a full-on basketball preview podcast. Look for it on Friday morning.

Topics discussed include:

  • Abbreviated podcast tonight and then we go full on basketball preview podcast Thursday night
  • Dan is unsure whether he's attending Saturday's Homecoming game against Wisconsin, calls it a "Hallmark Holiday"
  • Terps lose to Iowa 31-15, fifth in a row and still winless in conference
  • Hawkeyes played solid, allowed Maryland to beat itself, play like the bad team it is
  • Dan went fishing in the Baltimore Harbor during the first half of the game
  • Brandon Ross' fumble on the first drive, blocked punt early were so deflating
  • Perry Hills is a great arm punter, first Terp to have third consecutive 100 yard rushing game since Lance Ball
  • Yannick Ngakoue second in the country in sacks
  • How'd you feel about the punts as time was winding down and the Terps had terrible field position
  • Wisconsin comes to town, Maryland is a 13-point underdog
  • Last year's game was a hellacious beat down. Let's hope they're frisky for a half?
  • You can probably listen to the podcast at this time in years prior and we'll have the same defeated attitude about football
  • Eric tries to spin things positively 
  • Stefon Diggs is the hero in the Minnesota Vikings game, his wink at the camera after the touchdown is the NFL's version of the shimmy
  • Terps land at #3 in the first Associated Press poll
  • No reason is be rankled. They haven't played any games, there's a lot of question marks and they got blown out in the second round of the NCAA tournament last year
  • Maryland has plenty of chances to prove themselves in the first quarter of the season with Georgetown, North Carolina and UConn on the schedule
  • Exhibition game on Friday
  • CT and Eric have friends in town for Homecoming
  • What was everyone for Halloween? CT was mustard, Dan was a carrot, tries to pay for his drinks at the bar with a bag of carrots
  • Eric predicts the Terps will go 1-3 in football to end the season, with a win over Indiana
  • Dan predicts the basketball team will lose at home before CT makes it to Xfinity Center
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