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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Eric and Zack convene following some time off for Thanksgiving and get into a jammed packed few days of Terps football and basketball action. They guys start with Maryland's bowl clinching win over Rutgers, what it means for the program going forward and how everyone's feeling after Josh Kaindoh decommitted over the weekend. Later, they look at two tight victories against Richmond and Kansas State in basketball and how the guys ran through a range of emotions for each game. Plus, losing to Pitt. 

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT and Eric convene before Thanksgiving to discuss the state of Maryland football after three straight beatings by ranked opponents, how uniquely awful Rutgers is and what bowl eligibility would mean for the program. Later, they get into basketball's victory over Georgetown and where the team stands after struggling against Towson on Sunday night.

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Eric and Zack convene to preview the 2016-17 Maryland basketball season by asking 16 questions about the team.

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Today in the SVP Lounge, the guys convene following Maryland's victory over Michigan State – the biggest home win in years. Later, they take a look at a sliding Indiana team and the Terps' chances of earning bowl eligibility in Bloomington.

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Eric and Zack convene following a Terps loss to Minnesota in Tyrelle Pigrome’s first collegiate state. The guys long for Perry Hills and worry Maryland missed an opportunity to inch closer to six wins. Later, they look ahead to Saturday’s blackout against the reeling Michigan State Spartans and talk a little bit of basketball as the season is right around the corner.

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Zack and Eric convene following a loss to Penn State and discuss how the wheels fell off in Happy Valley. Later, the guys preview Minnesota and how Maryland can get back on track against a team without its starting quarterback. Plus, CT recaps his birthday weekend, Zack's day in State College for the game, Redskins-Ravens talk, Perry vs. Piggy and Yannick Ngakoue tearing it up in the NFL.


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Today in the SVP Lounge, the guys are giddy after Maryland smashes Purdue to open conference play. Plus, The Solid Verbal's Ty Hildenbrandt drops by to discuss Penn State.

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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT talks to J Money from Boiled Sports to get the scoop on Purdue ahead of Saturday's matchup. 

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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT and Eric look ahead to Maryland’s Big Ten opener against Purdue in College Park. The guys discuss tailgating plans, Terps as the 10-point favorites, Wes Brownd’s return, recap the weekend’s Big Ten action and more.


Talking Terps will have a full-fledged Purdue preview on Thursday featuring a writer from

And stay tuned, Penn State week is around the corner. The Solid Verbal’s Ty Hildenbrandt will visit the SVP Lounge to discuss what could be a pivotal game in both teams’ seasons.

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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Zack and Eric recap a wild win in double overtime over UCF and look big picture as the Terps sit at 3-0 after a quarter of the season. Plus: Early thoughts on Purdue and homecoming, what the guys will be doing during the bye week, Laughing At Our Rivals featuring Virginia and Iowa, and looking at the rest of the Big Ten's weekend.

Today in the SVP Lounge, the guys look back at the first win of the DJ Durkin era, a 52-13 thumping of Howard. Plus, looking ahead to an interesting game against FIU, checking on the rest of the weekend in the Big Ten, Laughing At Our Rivals: Virginia Edition and Deep Thoughts With Randy Edsall.

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Eric and Zack convene before Maryland football’s first game of the season against Howard. The guys give the only three available pieces of information on the internet about Howard’s football team, take a look at the week one depth chart, discuss Perry Hills' love of Dominos and more.

Topics discussed include:

  • Can you find out anything about Howard football online? Zack has a few nuggets about the matchup
  • The guys are excited for college football’s inaugural weekend
  • CT has new sounds on the board
  • Depth chart for the first game dropped
  • William Likely, Jake Funk and Tino Ellis listed on both sides of the ball at safety and corner, respectively
  • Likely listed as a co-starter at wide receiver, there is buzz surrounding it
  • Lorenzo Harrison seems to be the odd running back out and a candidate for a redshirt
  • DeAndre Lane beats out Levern Jacobs for the slot receiver position, Jacobs moves to a back-up position as an outside receiver
  • Eric’s beer explodes
  • Darnell Savage Jr. starting over Josh Woods at safety
  • Qwuantrezz Knight has the best name on the team, he’s among the many young DBs that will get a shot this year
  • D.J. Durkin lands another four-star recruit in DeMatha offensive tackle Marcus Minor. It’s taken years for any kind of DeMatha pipeline to open
  • The Diamondback asked some of the football players where they eat around College Park. Perry Hills loves Dominos
  • What’s everyone looking for on Saturday?
  • CT and Eric will be in Lot 9B to tailgate. Eric is a butt-in-seat-at-kick-off kinda guy. CT is a tailgate lingerer. Zack will be with the Pride by Mowatt
  • The guys try talking about the Big Ten basketball conference schedule, but admit their heads and hearts are with football
  • Surprise sound drop
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Daniel Gallen on Fall Camp, Totally Serious Ideas for a Maryland-Rutgers Trophy

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT and Eric talk to Daniel Gallen – who’s been covering the Terps for the Baltimore Sun and Carroll County Times – about what he’s seen at Maryland fall camp, how Perry Hills looked at Saturday’s open scrimmage, what’s surprised him thus far, reasons to worry as the season progresses and why he’s hemorrhaging followers. Plus, CT and Eric are going to Orioles-Nationals in D.C., discussing a potential Maryland-Rutgers trophy game, and Eric has never seen GUTS.

Topics discussed include:

  • CT and Eric hung out on H Street in D.C. last weekend
  • Eric went to Camden Yards for Orioles-Nationals, he and CT both going to the final game of the series in D.C.
  • CT always buys Flying Dog’s Snake Dog at Nationals Park. The high ABV gives you a lot of bang for
  • Rutgers wants a rivalry trophy with Maryland, Eric is intrigued
  • CT says it should be a piece of asphalt like the Aggro Crag from GUTS. Eric doesn’t know what GUTS is
  • The guys welcome Daniel Gallen to the SVP Lounge
  • From a guy who’s been around the football program for several years, what the difference in the vibe between Randy Edsall and D.J. Durkin?
  • Gallen says that Perry Hills looks like a capable quarterback, there was less of an overhaul this year that last. If we see improvement, it will be on the little things he did wrong last year
  • Caleb Rowe hasn’t been as much of a factor in the quarterback competition due to injury
  • What’s Gallen’s running back pecking order? Ty Johnson looks great, having lost 21 pounds during the offseason. Might see as many as five guys, at least early on
  • Gallen is most surprised to see Shane Cockerille playing linebacker after playing quarterback. Team intensity, body transformation is very noticeable. Worries that the intensity could be backfire, it’ll be interesting to see how they respond to superior teams in tough spots
  • Denzel Conyers should be back for Howard
  • CT wonders if Gallen’s tired of Maryland sports, he says no, will continue to watch
  • Gallen’s lost followers since he took his new job

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Eric and Zack put Red Shell Radio to bed and announce a new era of Maryland podcasting with Talking Terps. In the first episode of the 2016-17 season, the guys go full speed with pads on to preview the 2016 Maryland football season. They discuss the dawn of the D.J. Durkin era, breakdown the preseason story lines, go through the team position-by-position, hash out everyone’s plans for tailgating, comb over the schedule for wins, and put Randy Edsall on a shelf by recounting losses that will haunt their dreams forever.

Topics discussed include:

  • Red Shell Radio is now Talking Terps!
  • Eric is engaged
  • Zack is the new face in the fold
  • Who’s hyped for the D.J. Durkin era?
  • What are you excited for going into the season?
  • Quarterbacks! It can’t be worse than last year, right?! The guys are confident Perry Hills will be the starter
  • Zack points out Walt Bell’s offense should be simpler than dealing with the offense constantly changing last year. Eric is still concerned with need to move the ball through the air when the team is down
  • For the first the first time in god knows how long, Maryland might actually have an effective running game. Ty Johnson could be a lot of fun to watch
  • Zack gets to gush about Randy Edsall one last time as he did recruit offensive lineman well, could finally have a Big Ten caliber line in terms of size and strength
  • The receivers need to get the ball, but if they do, this group is solid
  • D.J. Durkin pulls a coup, nabs JUCO transfer J.C. Jackson. He’s a former four-star recruit and Florida Gator. The guys are hyped
  • CT is glad Maryland is rolling the dice on a guy who’s had issues in the past
  • William Likely is a beast, look for Alvin Hill to play behind him and Jackson. There could be depth issues behind that
  • Durkin added a bunch of freshmen to the secondary that we might see at corner and safety
  • CT not feeling confident about Josh Woods and Denzel Conyers, Zack and Eric don’t share his skepticism
  • Jermaine Carter Jr. could be the best player on the team
  • Zack points out that Durkin likes to play a lot of nickel and dime defense, helps to cut down for the need of depth at linebacker
  • The defensive line has the biggest range in terms of floor and ceiling: They might be terrible, but they also might be pretty decent
  • CT knows nothing about the kickers, Zack and Eric drop knowledge on him. The presumptive starting punter Wade Lees got busted for PEDs in Australia, has a huge leg
  • The guys get into some tailgating talk, CT doesn’t have any wedding conflicts. Eric’s own wedding could be slated for fall 2017
  • Here’s to winning games and not being forever stuck with noon kickoffs
  • The Terps have gone from having one of the hardest schedules in the country to one of the easiest in the conference
  • The first three games of the season against Howard, FIU and UCF are all very winnable. If they want to go bowling, those three are important
  • The first three games of the Big Ten season are also winnable with Purdue, Penn State and Minnesota
  • Maryland’s got a good shot against Purdue at home, Penn State will be tough, Minnesota is about on the Terps level
  • All three guys pick Maryland to go 5-1 in the first half of the season. They are really boring
  • The second half of the season is really damn tough. CT thinks they might not win another game until Rutgers
  • Despite all of our positive talk, this team was bad last year. We’re just looking for improvement. Five wins would be a big
  • The guys decide to put Randy Edsall on a shelf and move on for good by discussing which Randy Edsall loss will haunt their your dreams forever? There are so many horrific examples
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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT and Eric convene for part two of Terrapins postmortem pod. They discuss Eric’s last hoorah at Looney watching the game, the highs of the first half against Kansas, lashing out on Twitter after the game, disappointing vs. successful season, a lack of depth really hurting Maryland throughout the season, and how a meal of crab cakes, steak and fried chicken has the guys eyeing football season.

Go back and last listen to part 1 of the Terps Postmortem Podcast.

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Postmortem: Kansas Drops Maryland in the Sweet 16, Offseason Questions for the Terps

Today in the SVP Lounge, the guys convene in the wake of Maryland's Sweet 16 loss to Kansas to sort through the wreckage and look ahead to the offseason. Plus: A successful season and a disappointing season are not mutually exclusive.

Today in the SVP, the guys convene on a glorious Monday after the Terps punch a ticket to the Sweet 16. They breakdown the win over the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors and later invite Kevin from into the Lounge to preview Kansas.

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT and Eric convene following Maryland's 79-74 victory over the South Dakota State Jackrabbits in the first round of the NCAA tournament. They discuss the scary last 8 minutes, Melo's bozo foul, an offensive explosion at the beginning of the second half, good defense in the first and Maryland second round opponent Hawaii. 

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Today in the SVP Lounge, the guys convene to discuss a consecutive loss to the Michigan State in the Big Ten tournament semifinals, the grueling water cooler conversations that result from it, the Maryland Tease being alive and well, looking at South Dakota State and the South Region, a fun half against Nebraska and how we’d all take a Sweet 16 appearance and go home happy.

Topics discussed include:

  • Listening to the watercooler talk following a Maryland loss is brutal, even worse around tournament time
  • Dan’s dad is full of old white guy hot takes
  • The guys are struggling to get excited for the NCAA tournament after a tough loss to Michigan State and a stumbling end to the regular season
  • Dan watched both games solo, CT watch Nebraska solo
  • The Maryland Tease is alive and well, you best prepare yourself
  • The Terps take on South Dakota State on Friday, would face the winner of Cal-Hawaii on Sunday if they advance out of the first round
  • The guys just want to see Maryland get out of the Sweet 16
  • Melo Trimble should’ve tried to score instead of being hopelessly intent on the foul. His ugly three pointer, as well as Jake Layman’s, before that play were also offensive
  • Dan has indigestion over the fact that Michigan State was always able to get back on defense
  • How much fun was the first half against Nebraska?
  • Golf clap for Jake Layman, he’s really had a great year
  • Dan thinks Michigan State got jobbed with their seeding, CT thinks Indiana got jobbed as a five
  • Looking at the rest of the South Region

Wake Up With CT: Looking Back at Indiana and Looking Ahead to the Big Ten Tournament

Today in the SVP Lounge, it’s Early Morning with CT as he looks back at Maryland’s loss to Indiana, and how the Terps ran into a buzzsaw in Assembly Hall – while not doing themselves any favors. Plus, a few words on Maryland’s potential opponents in the Big Ten quarters and how the Terps postseason accolades are indicative of their season.

Today in the SVP Lounge, Baltimore Sports and Life’s Chris Stoner drops by to discuss Maryland’s chance to win the Big Ten, Saturday’s test at Purdue, Melo Trimble’s slump, what will constitute a successful season, the ideal match-up for March and more.

Topics discussed include:

  • Chris Stoner from Baltimore Sports and Life joins the show today
  • Wisconsin drops Iowa and puts Maryland in a spot where they control their own destiny to win the Big Ten
  • Chris believes the Terps can win the Big Ten, but there is reason for pessimism
  • Big test for the Terps on Saturday facing Purdue on the road
  • It’s been exceedingly difficult for the Terps to pull away from teams, would’ve liked for Maryland to stomp Michigan early and for good
  • Chris and CT would prefer if the Terps played more consistently inside-out
  • No definitive answer as to what’s ailing Melo Trimble, but his performance will determine how far Maryland goes the rest of the way
  • The guys are very pro-Brantley
  • Damonte Dodd had a pair of great defensive games, totaled 8 blocks
  • The second week of the tournament has to be the target zone for this team
  • Losing to Michigan State in the Big Ten tournament last year as tough, getting a crack in the title game would
  • CT thinks a team that plays big would be a good match-up for the Terps in the NCAA tournament. Chris thinks a team that plays fast and forces Maryland to do the same -- like in the loss to UNC -- would be the ideal match-up
  • *Without actually playing UNC
  • CT forgot about watching a Wizards game because he was so engrossed in the horror of the Minnesota loss
  • Michigan win wasn’t wholly inspiring
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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT and Eric discuss Maryland’s home winning streak coming to an end with a loss to Wisconsin, Diamond Stone smashing Vitto Brown’s head against the floor and the Red Shell Radio Vine that bounced around the Internet. Plus: Eric hates the flash mobs and the guys share what they did on Valentine’s Day.

Topics discussed include:

  • CT is sorry it was just him last week, internet was busted
  • Eric joins him in the SVP Lounge this week, Dan refuses to come back on to the podcast
  • The guys share what they did for Valentine’s Day
  • Eric does not like oysters, mussels and clams -- CT watches a Bachelor special
  • Forget the game, CT Vines Diamond Stone smashing Vitto Brown’s head and it bounces around the internet
  • The guys engage in spirited trash talk with opposing fan bases on Twitter in response to the Vine
  • Dan was worried the Vine would get Diamond Stone suspended
  • Stone does get suspended for the Minnesota game on Thursday by Mark Turgeon
  • Could you be persuaded that he didn’t do it on purpose?
  • But really how did he not get tossed?
  • Terps play their worst basketball of the year in the first half of the game against Wisconsin
  • Eric thinks there was a rust factor going from playing Purdue to Bowie State and then to playing a hot Badgers team
  • Wisconsin is on a roll right now
  • Melo Trimble’s gotta be hurt right?
  • The Badgers were able to play their offensive game, using the entirety of the shot clock and scoring. Also able to snag offensive rebounds and convert them for devastating threes. Everyone on Wisconsin was contributing, too
  • CT highlights the two back breaking plays in the second half
  • Eric hates the flash mob bit. Doesn’t think it’s an actual flash mob
  • Maryland goes to last place Minnesota on Thursday. They’ve been feisty lately, giving Iowa all it could handle in Iowa City. Hopefully a weaker opponent will help the guys dust themselves off
  • Michigan comes to the Xfinity Center on Sunday. It’s all about getting revenge, having a good showing against a better team in the conference
  • CT will be in Florida next week, might just do a solo pod

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Eric and Dan were lined up to podcast and then the Internet died. CT picks up the pieces with a new edition of CT After Dark. He starts off by running down wins over Nebraska, Purdue and the rounding out of the tough part of the schedule while staying within striking distance for Big Ten title. Later, CT recaps D.J. Durkin’s first recruiting class and previews Saturday's tilt against Wisconsin.


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Maryland Notches Signature Win Over Iowa, Grinding Out A Road Victory Against Ohio State, Signing Day Talk

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Eric and Matt convene following a week that saw Maryland notch a signature win over Iowa and a subsequent, grind-it-out victory over Ohio State. Later, the guys preview Nebraska and Purdue, Randy Edsall has a new job, and a little bit of signing day talk.

Topics discussed include:

  • Matt returns to the pod
  • Matt goes on a cruise, buys the all you can drink package shortly after boarding the boat
  • Terps win two tough games against Iowa and Ohio State, finally notching a signature victory on the resume they’d been lacking
  • Traffic was hell in College Park before and after the Iowa game
  • Terps come out fast, tough not to with that crowd -- Dan Dakich loves it
  • Terps score 41 in the first half, going back and forth with Iowa for most of the half and then Maryland is able to assert itself in the final five minutes, able to take a 6 point lead into the break
  • Jake Layman reemerges, scoring early and playing PHENOMENAL defense on Jarrod Uthoff
  • The team continues to shoot poorly as a whole
  • Robert Carter has another great night, seems more and more like a first round draft pick
  • He was also the key to busting Iowa’s zone
  • Iowa is legit
  • The whining about the Under Armour basketball at the end of the game was just absurd
  • Columbus is a place with bad vibes for the Terps
  • Impressive win over Ohio State on the road in a game that had letdown written all over it
  • Melo Trimble drops 20, has a clutch three and salted the game away with free throws
  • You knew that the Buckeyes would be ready after getting beat down at Xfinity
  • Maryland heads to Nebraska on Wednesday
  • The Cornhuskers are 3-7 in conference play, but aren’t totally terrible
  • This screams trap game as well, Matt’s worried about Nebraska playing small
  • Purdue comes to College Park on Saturday, another chance for the Terps to nab a top 50 win and to put some distance between themselves and another conference contender
  • Maryland and Purdue are the biggest teams in the Big Ten, should be interesting to see the battle down low
  • It’s tough to beat the Terps at home, obvz
  • Randy Edsall lands a job with the Lions doing we’re not sure what
  • Some light recruiting talk -- With the coaching staff turning over, tough to expect a whole lot
  • It is what it is and probably won’t change dramatically until Maryland can win a few more games
  • Terrell Hall is a big fish still in play for the Terps on signing day, will probably add an additional quarterback

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT and Eric break down a tough loss to Michigan State while snowbound, talkin rebounding issues, why this loss shouldn’t be surprising, Matt Costello’s career night and if the Terps still have a shot at the Big Ten title. Later Adam McGinnis, Iowa alumnus and blogger, drops by to preview Thursday’s huge tilt between the Terps and the Hawkeyes. Plus: An overtime win over Northwestern and Eric’s thoughts on Dwayne Haskins.

Topics discussed include:

  • Guys have been snowed in
  • Tough loss to Michigan State on the road
  • Was the best chance for Maryland to get its best win of the year, but Michigan State was desperate, avoiding losing fourth in a row
  • Rebounding becomes a huge issue, lack of hustle dooms the Terps again
  • Matt Costello is a turtle killer, has career night versus the Terps
  • Melo Trimble keeps Maryland in the game
  • Are people overrating the negative impacts of this loss?
  • Terps still have a shot in the Big Ten?
  • Adam McGinnis joins the show
  • Nothing but excitement for Iowa basketball
  • The Hawkeyes have been rolling since the second half of the first Purdue game on the road
  • A big difference between this year’s team and last is they can light it up from three
  • Iowa is a tough team, out muscled Michigan State in East Lansing
  • Hawkeyes are long, start four seniors, great guard play
  • How do Maryland and Iowa matchup?
  • Jarrod Uthoff vs. Jake Jayman
  • It’s the first clash between top ten teams in the Xfinity Center
  • Anthony Clemmons vs. Melo Trimble
  • Eric asks Adam if the bar Airliner is still in Iowa City
  • CT and Eric look back at the overtime win over Northwestern
  • Rasheed Sulaimon has been in a funk, been shooting poorly
  • The Trimble three at the end of regulation was predictable
  • Eric gives his thoughts on the Dwayne Haskins decommitment, where it leaves Maryland and the football team’s quarterback position. Also gives his thoughts on a few of the quarterback targets the staff is considering

CT After Dark: Why It's OK To Be Mad About Dwayne Haskins, Terps Notch First Big Ten Loss at Michigan, Thrash Ohio State

Today in the SVP Lounge, it's a CT After Dark edition of the podcast where he breaks down Dwayne Haskins’ decommitment from Maryland, why it makes sense, why it doesn’t and why it’s ok to be mad about it. Later, he revisits the Terps first Big Ten loss at Michigan, the thrashing put on Ohio State on Saturday, looking ahead to Northwestern and more.


Today in the SVP Lounge, CT and Eric convene to discuss the No. 3 Maryland Terrapins, a bludgeoning of a terrible Rutgers team, Melo Trimble hitting a game winning three at Wisconsin with almost no time left, College Gameday being in East Lansing for the Terps tilt against Michigan State, Dwayne Haskins-quarterback recruiting drama and more.

Topics discussed include:

  • We’ll have a show Friday for you, looking back at Michigan and ahead to Saturday’s tilt versus Ohio State
  • Championship night in college football. over-under 1, number of Maryland football national championship appearances in the next 50 years
  • Terps stay at No. 3 in the AP poll today after beating Rutgers and Wisconsin this past week
  • Terps remain undefeated in conference play, 4-0
  • 15-1 overall, Maryland’s best start to a season EVER
  • Terps bludgeon Rutgers, 88-63
  • Could’ve easily scored 100+
  • Eddie Jordan thanked Turgeon in the post game presser for calling off the dogs
  • Melo sat out the 2H with a tight hammy, he’s ok
  • Jake Layman feasted on a bad team -- Only his 3rd time scoring double digit points in 11 games
  • Varun Ram with a bunch of playing time
  • Melo 3 at the death seals the Terps fourth win in conference play over Wisconsin, 63-60
  • Damonte Dodd had a nice first half
  • Offensive rebounds, 2nd chance points and turnovers were the reasons Wisconsin stayed in this game
  • Diamond Stone was, of course, heckled. Definitely shaky to start. Played better as the game progressed
  • Terps go to Michigan on Tuesday
  • Wolverine’s star player Caris LeVert, the team leader in points, rebounds and assists, is probably not going to be playing. Leg injury
  • If Michigan’s hitting their shots and Maryland’s having a tough time cracking the 1-3-1 zone this game has the makings of an upset. Still, the Terps can definitely win another on the road
  • Terps at Michigan State will be the first edition of College Basketball Gameday on Saturday January 23
  • Dwayne Haskins-quarterback recruiting situation, Adam McClean tweets
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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan and Eric convene to look back at Maryland’s first week in conference play, including a win over Penn State behind a historic night from Diamond Stone, a relaxing beating of Northwestern on the road, dry January, the week head in hoops and much more.

Topics discussed include:

  • Recapping the wild win over Penn State
  • Who thought the Terps were doomed to taking a loss in the first Big Ten game?
  • Diamond Stone has a huge night
  • How would the Terps bounce back on the road against a decent Northwestern side?
  • Melo Trimble and Rasheed Sulaimon have big comeback games
  • It was relaxing to watch Maryland crush Northwestern
  • Dan is refraining from alcohol during January
  • Stone receives Big Ten player of the week and Big Ten freshman of the week
  • Rutgers comes to town on Wednesday, Maryland should roll them
  • Terps game in Madison announced as a 1 p.m. tip on Saturday
  • Diamond Stone’s return to Wisconsin, a lot of Badger fans are still butt hurt