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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan, Eric and Matt convene to talk about Randy Edsall’s firing as Maryland head football coach. They react to the news breaking on Thursday, the Terps playing surprisingly tough against Ohio State, the awkward post game press conference and Mike Locksley’s status. Plus: Outlook on the rest of the season, a Kenny Tate/Adrian Moten argument, don’t go to Magic Maryland Madness and more.
Topics discussed include:
  • Randy Edsall OUT as Maryland football head coach, Mike Locksley named the interim head coach
  • Did you really believe it when the Jeff Ermann dropped the news that Edsall would be fired following the Ohio State game?
  • Thoughts on how Kevin Anderson handled the situation, from the news leak to the press conference
  • The Terps go out and play hard against Ohio State before the Buckeyes pulled away half way through the first quarter
  • Had to be excited after that first score, at least a little bit, right?
  • The guys agree that even if the Terps had beaten Ohio State that Maryland would have fired Edsall anyway
  • You could tell by the play calling that Randy knew this was it
  • Perry Hills rushing the ball is what kept Maryland in the game, he’s probably going to be the starter going forward
  • The wide receivers have been garbage
  • Matt, again, wants Brad Craddock to punt
  • The guys speak highly about Hills’ performance, but that doesn’t mean they’re high on Hills
  • Most of Locksley’s more successful offenses have come with mobile quarterbacks, so expect to see more of Perry Hills using his legs
  • Randy storms out of the press conference after a dumb first question. Weird way to see him go out
  • What’s the outlook for the rest of the season? Does anything really change?
  • What’s Locksley’s status if he starts winning games? Should Maryland’s next head coach try and retain him in some capacity?
  • How would you recruit high schoolers to Maryland? CT would go the Louisville-hooker route
  • Saying goodbye to Randy Edsall. What were the high points of his tenure? They’re limited
  • How will the openings at Southern California and South Carolina affect Maryland’s coaching search?
  • Early head coaching candidates? Season is going to have to play out for any progress to be made on this front. Hooray weeks of baseless speculation!
  • CT thinks that Greg Schiano hires people to throw his name into coaching searches. Nobody wants him, yet his name always comes up
  • Penn State kick off set for 3:30
  • The guys debate whether it was Kenny Tate or Adrian Moten who made the 4th-and-goal tackle on Navy’s Ricky Dobbs back in the 2010 opener
  • Magic Maryland Madness is Saturday. He’s the list of guys from the podcast attending:
  • Do anything but go to Magic Maryland Madness
  • The pod continues to debate Moten vs. Tate
  • CBS Sports releases their 101 top college basketball players heading into the 2015-16 season

Today in the SVP Lounge, Ramzy Nasrallah from Eleven Warriors joins CT to talk Ohio State, last year’s wild ride to the college football playoff title, the Buckeyes’ struggles this year, how to fix the offense, who to fear on defense and much more. Plus: CT hangs out solo to discuss Gary Parrish’s CBS Sports article on Mark Turgeon.
Topics discussed include:
  • Ramzy gives a rundown of the roller coaster that was the end of the Buckeyes’ 2014-15 season, describes everything as surreal 
  • There’s a list of reasons why last year’s magic hasn’t completely transitioned to the new season
  • A lot of fans are nearing crisis mode, Ramzy thinks Ohio State is a few small fixes away from turning into that team at the end of last season
  • Urban Meyer suggests using JT Barrett inside the red zone, CT thinks trying out some new offensive wrinkles against the Terps is the perfect time to experiment
  • Ramzy insists Maryland will give Ohio State its best shot, like every other team
  • Ohio State has played some ugly games against inferior opponents thus far
  • Joey Bossa is playing like it’s the Super Bowl every damn game
  • The defense rarely has a bad play, let alone two in a row
  • CT asks Ramzy about Michigan State and Michigan at the end of the season, he doesn’t want to to think about it because that means football would be over
  • Don’t plan your wedding during the fall
  • A solo CT discusses Gary Parrish’s Mark Turgeon story and his interview this morning on The Sports Junkies in Washington, D.C.
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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan and Eric discuss another rough weekend as Maryland is manhandled again, this time by Michigan. They talk about when Randy Edsall gets the ax, the players only meeting, Hurricane Joaquin and the noon kickoff, the defense’s bold first half performance, the ineptitude of the offense and more. Plus: Urban Meyer omits Maryland from his Monday presser, CT is going to San Francisco, early season non-conference basketball games and Stefon Diggs in his NFL debut. 
Look out for a new episode tomorrow featuring Ramzy Nasrallah from 11 Warriors, talking Ohio State as they get ready to take on the Terps Saturday in Columbus. 
Topics discussed include:
  • Another rough weekend, you guys
  • Randy Edsall is always smiling
  • The guys immediately dive into Edsall’s current job status. Does he get fired midseason? Eric and Dan say it doesn’t do anything for the team
  • Players only meeting held, Edsall’s blindsided. Has he lost the players? This is just a bigger piece in the larger puzzle
  • Looming hurricane causes the game time to be shifted from 8 p.m. to noon. The guys are bummed there won’t be another night game this year
  • Eric says environment was sad on Saturday, tons of perfectly nice Michigan fans taking over Byrd Stadium
  • Dan says Yannick Ngakoue is the only player on the team worthy of snaps
  • The wide receivers have been super disappointing 
  • Remember when the entire offensive line laid down?
  • Caleb Rowe throws three interceptions, could’ve had five
  • Daxx Garman comes in and looks completely lost — CT things is particularly damning of the coaching staff
  • The guys talk Ohio State. They’re the No. 1 team in the country and it feels like they’ve got 99 problems
  • Urban Meyer doesn’t mention Maryland once in his Monday press conference, opposing fans don’t even talk shit
  • Meyer has more to worry about with his own team than their opponent
  • Ohio State’s struggled in nearly all of their games this year, sad to think they won’t with the Terps
  • CT is going to San Francisco, visiting Alcatraz on his birthday. He’s living the wedding life, has them back-to-back weekends
  • Bacon wrapped scallops the no. 1 seed for hors d’oeuvres/finger foods
  • The guys are excited about Maryland basketball’s early season non-conference games
  • Stefon Diggs has a nice NFL debut for the Minnesota Vikings
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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT and Matt convene to talk Terps following an embarrassing loss to West Virginia. They guys recap their double date on Saturday night, discuss a typical Randy Edsall blow out at the hands of the Mountaineers, what it would actually take to replace him, preview Michigan and recap CT’s outing to TGIFriday’s Endless Appetizers. 
Topics discussed include:
  • CT and Matt go a double date, their girlfriends now do a “are you buying me a dog” bit to annoy them
  • Realized that they never spoke of the Maryland-West Virginia football game throughout their entire evening out
  • Terps lose to the Mountaineers 46-6
  • The entire fan base has come around the cul de sac and everyone’s done with Randy Edsall
  • West Virginia has dominated Maryland for the last 8 years
  • The game with Matt with a lot of questions. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? 
  • Q: What Randy Edsall disaster does this remind you of? A: All of the them!
  • As terrible as the offense was, the defense was even more atrocious 
  • Edsall’s teams never ever come out energized
  • Looking ahead to potential wins, taking 2 or 3 more games is going to be a fight. The next few games will tell us a lot about this team
  • Brandon Ross is the lone bright spot, has a nice game
  • Caleb Rowe vs. Daxx Garman starting — Don’t worry it doesn’t matter much
  • CT throws out the idea of having Perry Hills grind things out, Matt shoots it down. Defense is getting shredded, duh
  • What would it take to actually get rid of Randy Edsall? From a football and fan perspective it makes sense, but there’s much more to it
  • The guys walk through the other parties involved in hiring and firing football coaches and the politics that come with it
  • CT and Matt are concerned if logistically the university could do a good job at hiring a coach
  • Firing Edsall would be a blow to Kevin Anderson’s ego
  • We could still see Edsall back again next year. Maryland’s afraid of the rebuild
  • The whole Byrd Stadium-name controversy only makes things more annoying
  • The guys don’t care at all — More offended by the football team
  • CT is bummed out he’s missing the tailgate on Saturday
  • Terps are +16 underdogs to Michigan in their token night game of the year, sure to be a flood of opposing fans
  • Previewing the Michigan Wolverines
  • The guys feel like Michigan looks ahead of schedule in Jim Harbaugh’s first year, but still seem a little overinflated. They played bad teams in UNLV and Oregon State, as well as a beaten down BYU squad
  • Maryland could compete, though, they are really good at getting their doors blown off
  • Offense is run heavy, Jake Rudock looks to be improving
  • Defense is strong, experienced
  • CT details his SECOND experience with TGIFriday’s Endless Appetizers
  • Pro tip: Avoid the potato skins
  • For his last plate, CT tried the peanut butter and jelly boneless buffalo wings — They were gross
  • What’s the turnout going to be for Saturday?

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan, Matt and Eric convene to discuss Maryland’s victory over South Florida, preview West Virginia and talk a whole lot of tailgating.
Topics discussed include:
  • The guys reunite for the South Florida football game, first time they’ve been together since recording the preseason pods
  • Everyone weighs in salt and vinegar chips
  • The tailgate is solid, CT forgets to buy beer the night before, gets iced by Dan
  • BBQ Ben gets mad after CT eventually buys Heinekens and dreams about packing the car up perfectly for tailgating
  • The guys give their general impressions from a 35-17 victory over the Bulls
  • Good to see Caleb Rowe moving the offense, but he was "boom or bust” as he threw good passes and backbreaking interceptions
  • Both Levern and Taivon Jacobs played well, as did Avery Edwards snagging two touchdowns
  • Offensive line appears improved or at least improved by default, still unclear on how good or bad they actually are based on the competition thus far
  • The guys like seeing more of Damien Prince
  • Dan repeats CT’s stat that the offensive line has yet to allow a sack
  • The guys feel confident in the defensive line, Matt and Eric thinks Yannick Ngakoue, Jesse Aniebonam and Quinton Jefferson could all play in the NFL
  • Sean Davis played much better than last week against Bowling Green
  • South Florida is bad, the West Virginia game will be the true litmus test for this team
  • Other assorted notes on the game
  • Terps are 16.5 underdogs to West Virginia
  • The Mountaineers are untested, a little bit unknown, defense is supposed to be strong suit
  • Matt and Eric are headed to Morgantown
  • From here on out there are no more soft game, need to perform well
  • CT gives a rundown of the Mountaineer team, drops knowledge bombs on his cohosts
  • Thoughts on the play calling in the South Florida game and looking ahead to the West Virginia game, Rowe in there changes the playbook 
  • Everyone leaning toward a Maryland loss
  • Heralded freshman defensive end Adam McClean leaves school due to an eligibility issue
  • Could come back next semester or be ready for next fall, Dan sets over/under on snaps taken at Maryland at 1 snap
  • CT runs down the other Big Ten scores
  • Eric asks if he should be afraid of Mountaineer fans
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Today in the SVP Lounge, Eric and Matt join CT to further discuss the fallout from Maryland’s loss to Bowling Green. The guys look at Saturday’s mess and recount all the ways things went wrong. Eric talks about how he long defended Edsall, but this game was his breaking point. Matt says the Terps aren’t yet at the breaking point and warns of the consequences of jettisoning Edsall. Plus: A change in quarterback, Can Maryland get back on track with a win over South Florida on Saturday, Eric melting down and much more.
Topics discussed include:

  • We’re back for a second episode this week!
  • Eric reports on the scene from Byrd Stadium, says he should’ve left during the storm delay. This is the game that’s caused him to turn the corner on Randy Edsall
  • Matt opts to go to a beerfest with Dan in Annapolis, watches the end of the game at a bar, was completely distraught after the game
  • The team is a mess
  • The guys start second guessing coaching calls
  • Caleb Rowe takes over the starting quarterback job over Perry Hills
  • By going to Rowe, Hills' failure is on Randy Edsall, not many people talking about that about because the team loss to the Falcons
  • Matt talks about Randy’s struggles in dealing with the quarterback situation, Maryland’s poor quarterback situation in previous years
  • The running game regressed, was quickly abandoned
  • Mike Locksley remains a poor play caller
  • Are we at the make or break point of the season already? Matt says no, Maryland is not as bad as they were in the second half, this is standard Terrapins operating procedure 
  • Eric recounts the the offense’s struggles in the first half, everyone agrees no need to read into Rowe’s interceptions
  • Matt thinks people underestimate the consequences of blowing things up with Edsall, Eric thinks it doesn’t matters and that keeping Edsall prolongs the mediocrity
  • Eric now fiercely anti-Edsall, anti-Locksley
  • What’s the low point of Edsall’s tenure? Matt says easily his first season when he took a 9-4 team and turn it into a 2-10 team. Eric says the Bowling Green is it for him
  • Eric makes his case to fire Edsall, Matt argues the time to hire him is long gone
  • Eric totally melts down at the end of the show
  • What to expect when the Terps take the field against South Florida
  • Tailgating plans for the weekend, they don’t get out there as early as they used to
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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT and Dan convene to discuss the latest disaster in the Randy Edsall era, an embarrassing loss to Bowling Green at home. The guys discuss their feelings in the aftermath of the game, the program going forward and how it’s handcuffed to Edsall, a change in quarterback, Wenyen Gabriel’s visit and Dan’s business ideas. 
Topics discussed include:

  • Podcast is back on track, just CT and Dan tonight, Eric and Matt will be on tomorrow
  • Dan wants to have a podcast-sponsored channel on a popular adult website
  • Maryland loses to Bowling Green
  • CT goes to the game, the rest of the guys go to a beer festival in Annapolis
  • Dan talks about not prioritizing Maryland football, made the right call to skip the game
  • Attendance was low, minimal tailgating scene
  • Rain delay cleared any small attendance out
  • Dan says he was over the loss as it was happening, won’t let it ruin his fall by putting stock into the results
  • CT was severely distraught after the game, will not do that again
  • The guys warn of getting too high on the thought of Dwayne Haskins coming to the rescue next year, he’ll still only be a freshman
  • A friend of the pod suggests the program is handcuffed to Randy Edsall with Dwayne Haskins in the fold. The program can’t move forward without firing Randy, but to move forward you also need Haskins — who is tied to Randy
  • It’s tough five years in and not see a whole lot of progress. The Bowling Green is among the two worsts losses of Randy’s tenure
  • Maryland is a -7.5 point favorite over South Florida
  • Randy makes a change at quarterback, Caleb Rowe is the new starter
  • It’s maddening that Rowe wasn’t name the starter initially, also maddening Randy hasn’t recruited a quarterback in five years
  • There is still time to turn it around!
  • Maryland basketball has a big time visitor in five star recruit Wenyen Gabriel, CT spots him leaving after the first quarter
  • What kind of impression do you think he got from the football game?
  • Sounds like the visit went well
  • Dan had several ideas that have turned into real-world products. He claims he thought of Snuggies in the 7th grade, recently found k-cup soups and claimed he thought of that years ago
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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan, Matt and Eric talk about a real football game in Maryland’s win over Richmond, hitting on Will Likely’s record setting day and Perry Hills’ struggles. Later, there’s basketball recruiting chatter after the commitment of Kevin Huerter, the guys refuse to attend “Magic Maryland Madness” as it promises to be underwhelming and a preview of Bowling Green. 
Topics discussed include:
  • The pod is back, Labor Day and fantasy football drafts pushed the show to Wednesday. The guys will be back next Tuesday morning, on their regular schedule
  • Maryland football gets its first win over the Richmond Spiders, 50-21
  • CT was the only one who watched the whole game in realtime. Eric was at a wedding, Matt attended the Navy football game, Dan tailgated and watched the second half
  • Dan tailgates in Lot 11, gives the rundown, mad the kids don’t pick up their trash
  • William Likely was the star, knifing the Spiders all afternoon and eventually breaking the Big Ten record for punt return yards in a game
  • Why did Richmond keep punting it to him?
  • Perry Hills was underwhelming
  • Hills is Matt’s new least favorite player, describes why he’s awful
  • Eric doesn’t think Hills will be the starter by the end of the year
  • The running game looked improved, helped stabilize things when Richmond was playing well. Everyone was fairly impressed 
  • The defensive front seven looked great, Matt notes the gelling and maturing of the crop of local players now featuring prominently in the defense
  • Brad Craddock misses a field goal, extra point, somehow earns a national nod
  • The guys run down the rest of the Big Ten games, highlight Penn State’s first loss to Temple since 1941
  • Maryland basketball gets a big recruiting victory with top-100 shooting guard Kevin Huerter committing to the Terrapins after visiting this past weekend
  • His commitment gives the Terps a lot of momentum in recruiting with a number of big fish slated to stop by College Park
  • Dan breaks it all down, CT botches names
  • Maryland Madness announced it will be called/themed “Magic Maryland Madness"
  • The guys agree Maryland Madness is always terrible, will not be lured in again this year
  • Bowling Green is up next, this Saturday at noon
  • Should be a tougher game, the Falcons have a strong, up-tempo offense
  • Running the ball should be a priority for the Terps
  • Eric asks if the Terps will start 3-0? He doesn’t feel confident, Matt is confident Randy Edsall will pull the plug on Hills if the game is in danger
  • Dan and Matt are going to a beer festival, Eric going to the game, CT is unsure

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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan, Eric and Matt discuss an actual football game with the Terrapins first week match against the Richmond Spiders. They get into Perry Hills winning the quarterback battle, tailgating, watching the game at a wedding, the Maryland-Under Armour New York Times story, the new court at the Xfinity Center, the release of the Big Ten basketball schedule and much more.
If you haven’t already listened, check out our 2015 football season preview and “The Maryland Draft.” It’s great way to geet ready for Saturday and to enjoy throughout your Labor Day weekend.
Topics discussed include:

  • Perry Hills wins the quarterback battle over Caleb Rowe and Daxx Garman
  • The guys give their thoughts on the first week starter. Dan considers it a conservative move by Randy Edsall
  • Eric is a little higher on Hills, admires his GRIT and TOUGHNESS
  • CT thinks Hills was picked because he outperformed his counterparts at camp, but he wonders if Rowe or Garman play the first three games against weaker opponents, if they'd round into form
  • Eric to miss his first home game since high school 
  • Dan talks about his college visit to Virginia, he hated it
  • The guys digress and debate the merits of the SAT
  • “Some people were good at smoking cigarettes in the bathroom and some people are good at the SATs"
  • CT gives an intel rundown on the Richmond Spiders
  • Matt joins the pod, has just returned from meeting Uncle Fred at the Moose Creek Lodge to split the family’s football tickets
  • Dan wants to tailgate and leave, Matt wants to only go to the game — Both are a working on their logistics 
  • Eric and CT will be at weddings, share their watching strategies
  • The guys talk the Maryland-Under Armour New York Times story and the nuggets within the article. Can’t beat that kind of press!
  • Kevin Anderson apparently involved in the original Maryland Pride uniform brainstorming session 
  • The new basketball court at the Xfinity Center has been officially unveiled and my God is it sexy
  • The guys reel off Maryland’s Big 10 conference basketball schedule and give their expectations after the first three games of conference play
  • Town Hall Liquors is being sold
  • Matt is surprised Rowe wasn’t picked to be the starter, says if Hills underperforms it’s all on Edsall. If Rowe would’ve started, it’d be on him
  • Everyone worried that Hills isn’t very good, everyone is also scared of the offensive line
  • Enjoy the holiday weekend!
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Maryland Football - 2015 Season Preview
Today on Red Shell Radio, CT, Dan, Eric and Matt deliver a monstrous 2015 Maryland Terrapin football preview podcast. In this preseason primer, the guys let you know what to expect from both sides of the ball this season, breaking things down unit-by-unit and running through the schedule. 
This is another in-person show recorded to kick off the season. If you have yet to do so, listen to last week’s “The Maryland Draft” show, where the Red Shell guys assembled teams with various Terp-related institutions, such as the Maryland Flag, Under Armour and the Gary Williams fist pump.
Red Shell Radio will return next week to talk Richmond Spiders, the opening weekend of the college football season, basketball news and speculation, tailgating and much more.
Topics discussed this include:

  • Go back and listen to the Maryland Draft episode from last week
  • The plan is to preview the 2015 football season, going through unit-by-unit and doling out hot takes
  • Eric wants to fast forward to 2016
  • Most of the guys agree the Rutgers game still stings, 8 wins would’ve been nice, Matt disagrees
  • Every gives their general feelings on the team this year, overall strengths, concerns
  • First and foremost, the quarterback battle is discussed, Oklahoma State transfer Daxx Garman brought in to compete for the starting job
  • Dan and Matt think Caleb Rowe is Randy Edsall’s guy — That’s the first official hot take of the pod
  • The offense is going to look much different with whoever is playing quarterback than it did with CJ Brown last year
  • Rowe is a GUNSLINGER and Perry Hills is the GRIT
  • Moving onto the running game, Brandon Ross and Wes Brown are battling to be the no. 1 option
  • Last year’s running game was atrocious, CJ Brown was your leading rushing
  • It’s imperative that Maryland figures our a way to be successful running the ball
  • Dan presents his research on the offensive line, we’re going to start seeing some of the talent Randy has accrued in the past few years, average offensive line weight jumped 10 pounds
  • Big losses at receiver from last year, but the cupboard remains stocked with talent
  • Eric is worried about the group is mostly unproven
  • The guys are bummed about losing Juwann Winfree and Marcus Leak
  • Shifting over to the defensive side of the ball with a bit of review from last year 
  • Keith Dudzinski replaces Brian Stewart, implements 4-3 defense
  • The secondary could be lockdown this season, safeties are strong upperclassmen and the cornerbacks could be the best in the Big Ten
  • It’s redemption time for AJ Hendy, Matt says to look out for Denzel Conyers, Anthony Nixon took his lumps on those early bad Randy teams, but now is primed for a breakout
  • Will Likely is the most important player on the team, obvz 
  • Sean Davis will play cornerback full time this year, is a prolific tackler
  • Alvin Hill is back from injury as well
  • All four of Maryland’s starting linebackers graduated, but, like with the wide receiver position, there is talent
  • Maryland loses Abner Logan in camp
  • Defensive line is the biggest question mark on this team
  • Quinton Jefferson is back from injury, Yannick Ngakoue has moved to defensive end
  • Dan wants to do see Kingsley Opara and his cardigan on the field 
  • Reflecting on Brad Craddock’s greatness
  • The Terps could be in a lot of close games, and a good special teams could be the difference maker
  • Matt hated Nate Renfro last year, thinks he’ll meet seven people that night in D.C. that are better than Renfro
  • Can Craddock punt?
  • Likely is a king punt returner
  • The guys move on to running down the season
  • CT is missing the home opener, Michigan, possibly Penn State
  • At West Virginia is the first real test of the season
  • If Maryland could win one of West Virginia/Michigan, they’ll be in good shape
  • CT will be in San Francisco during the Ohio State game, Dan runs down CT’s recent travel spots
  • Penn State in Baltimore is the biggest game of the year
  • There will be guests abound this season, so stay tuned
  • Eric is worried about injuries by the time we get to the Iowa game
  • Wisconsin and Michigan State stand to be back-to-back losses
  • Terps could close the season strong with wins over Indiana and Rutgers
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