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Today in the SVP Lounge, the guys look back at the first win of the DJ Durkin era, a 52-13 thumping of Howard. Plus, looking ahead to an interesting game against FIU, checking on the rest of the weekend in the Big Ten, Laughing At Our Rivals: Virginia Edition and Deep Thoughts With Randy Edsall.

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Eric and Zack convene before Maryland football’s first game of the season against Howard. The guys give the only three available pieces of information on the internet about Howard’s football team, take a look at the week one depth chart, discuss Perry Hills' love of Dominos and more.

Topics discussed include:

  • Can you find out anything about Howard football online? Zack has a few nuggets about the matchup
  • The guys are excited for college football’s inaugural weekend
  • CT has new sounds on the board
  • Depth chart for the first game dropped
  • William Likely, Jake Funk and Tino Ellis listed on both sides of the ball at safety and corner, respectively
  • Likely listed as a co-starter at wide receiver, there is buzz surrounding it
  • Lorenzo Harrison seems to be the odd running back out and a candidate for a redshirt
  • DeAndre Lane beats out Levern Jacobs for the slot receiver position, Jacobs moves to a back-up position as an outside receiver
  • Eric’s beer explodes
  • Darnell Savage Jr. starting over Josh Woods at safety
  • Qwuantrezz Knight has the best name on the team, he’s among the many young DBs that will get a shot this year
  • D.J. Durkin lands another four-star recruit in DeMatha offensive tackle Marcus Minor. It’s taken years for any kind of DeMatha pipeline to open
  • The Diamondback asked some of the football players where they eat around College Park. Perry Hills loves Dominos
  • What’s everyone looking for on Saturday?
  • CT and Eric will be in Lot 9B to tailgate. Eric is a butt-in-seat-at-kick-off kinda guy. CT is a tailgate lingerer. Zack will be with the Pride by Mowatt
  • The guys try talking about the Big Ten basketball conference schedule, but admit their heads and hearts are with football
  • Surprise sound drop
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Daniel Gallen on Fall Camp, Totally Serious Ideas for a Maryland-Rutgers Trophy

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT and Eric talk to Daniel Gallen – who’s been covering the Terps for the Baltimore Sun and Carroll County Times – about what he’s seen at Maryland fall camp, how Perry Hills looked at Saturday’s open scrimmage, what’s surprised him thus far, reasons to worry as the season progresses and why he’s hemorrhaging followers. Plus, CT and Eric are going to Orioles-Nationals in D.C., discussing a potential Maryland-Rutgers trophy game, and Eric has never seen GUTS.

Topics discussed include:

  • CT and Eric hung out on H Street in D.C. last weekend
  • Eric went to Camden Yards for Orioles-Nationals, he and CT both going to the final game of the series in D.C.
  • CT always buys Flying Dog’s Snake Dog at Nationals Park. The high ABV gives you a lot of bang for
  • Rutgers wants a rivalry trophy with Maryland, Eric is intrigued
  • CT says it should be a piece of asphalt like the Aggro Crag from GUTS. Eric doesn’t know what GUTS is
  • The guys welcome Daniel Gallen to the SVP Lounge
  • From a guy who’s been around the football program for several years, what the difference in the vibe between Randy Edsall and D.J. Durkin?
  • Gallen says that Perry Hills looks like a capable quarterback, there was less of an overhaul this year that last. If we see improvement, it will be on the little things he did wrong last year
  • Caleb Rowe hasn’t been as much of a factor in the quarterback competition due to injury
  • What’s Gallen’s running back pecking order? Ty Johnson looks great, having lost 21 pounds during the offseason. Might see as many as five guys, at least early on
  • Gallen is most surprised to see Shane Cockerille playing linebacker after playing quarterback. Team intensity, body transformation is very noticeable. Worries that the intensity could be backfire, it’ll be interesting to see how they respond to superior teams in tough spots
  • Denzel Conyers should be back for Howard
  • CT wonders if Gallen’s tired of Maryland sports, he says no, will continue to watch
  • Gallen’s lost followers since he took his new job

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Eric and Zack put Red Shell Radio to bed and announce a new era of Maryland podcasting with Talking Terps. In the first episode of the 2016-17 season, the guys go full speed with pads on to preview the 2016 Maryland football season. They discuss the dawn of the D.J. Durkin era, breakdown the preseason story lines, go through the team position-by-position, hash out everyone’s plans for tailgating, comb over the schedule for wins, and put Randy Edsall on a shelf by recounting losses that will haunt their dreams forever.

Topics discussed include:

  • Red Shell Radio is now Talking Terps!
  • Eric is engaged
  • Zack is the new face in the fold
  • Who’s hyped for the D.J. Durkin era?
  • What are you excited for going into the season?
  • Quarterbacks! It can’t be worse than last year, right?! The guys are confident Perry Hills will be the starter
  • Zack points out Walt Bell’s offense should be simpler than dealing with the offense constantly changing last year. Eric is still concerned with need to move the ball through the air when the team is down
  • For the first the first time in god knows how long, Maryland might actually have an effective running game. Ty Johnson could be a lot of fun to watch
  • Zack gets to gush about Randy Edsall one last time as he did recruit offensive lineman well, could finally have a Big Ten caliber line in terms of size and strength
  • The receivers need to get the ball, but if they do, this group is solid
  • D.J. Durkin pulls a coup, nabs JUCO transfer J.C. Jackson. He’s a former four-star recruit and Florida Gator. The guys are hyped
  • CT is glad Maryland is rolling the dice on a guy who’s had issues in the past
  • William Likely is a beast, look for Alvin Hill to play behind him and Jackson. There could be depth issues behind that
  • Durkin added a bunch of freshmen to the secondary that we might see at corner and safety
  • CT not feeling confident about Josh Woods and Denzel Conyers, Zack and Eric don’t share his skepticism
  • Jermaine Carter Jr. could be the best player on the team
  • Zack points out that Durkin likes to play a lot of nickel and dime defense, helps to cut down for the need of depth at linebacker
  • The defensive line has the biggest range in terms of floor and ceiling: They might be terrible, but they also might be pretty decent
  • CT knows nothing about the kickers, Zack and Eric drop knowledge on him. The presumptive starting punter Wade Lees got busted for PEDs in Australia, has a huge leg
  • The guys get into some tailgating talk, CT doesn’t have any wedding conflicts. Eric’s own wedding could be slated for fall 2017
  • Here’s to winning games and not being forever stuck with noon kickoffs
  • The Terps have gone from having one of the hardest schedules in the country to one of the easiest in the conference
  • The first three games of the season against Howard, FIU and UCF are all very winnable. If they want to go bowling, those three are important
  • The first three games of the Big Ten season are also winnable with Purdue, Penn State and Minnesota
  • Maryland’s got a good shot against Purdue at home, Penn State will be tough, Minnesota is about on the Terps level
  • All three guys pick Maryland to go 5-1 in the first half of the season. They are really boring
  • The second half of the season is really damn tough. CT thinks they might not win another game until Rutgers
  • Despite all of our positive talk, this team was bad last year. We’re just looking for improvement. Five wins would be a big
  • The guys decide to put Randy Edsall on a shelf and move on for good by discussing which Randy Edsall loss will haunt their your dreams forever? There are so many horrific examples
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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT and Eric convene for part two of Terrapins postmortem pod. They discuss Eric’s last hoorah at Looney watching the game, the highs of the first half against Kansas, lashing out on Twitter after the game, disappointing vs. successful season, a lack of depth really hurting Maryland throughout the season, and how a meal of crab cakes, steak and fried chicken has the guys eyeing football season.

Go back and last listen to part 1 of the Terps Postmortem Podcast.

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Postmortem: Kansas Drops Maryland in the Sweet 16, Offseason Questions for the Terps

Today in the SVP Lounge, the guys convene in the wake of Maryland's Sweet 16 loss to Kansas to sort through the wreckage and look ahead to the offseason. Plus: A successful season and a disappointing season are not mutually exclusive.

Today in the SVP, the guys convene on a glorious Monday after the Terps punch a ticket to the Sweet 16. They breakdown the win over the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors and later invite Kevin from into the Lounge to preview Kansas.

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT and Eric convene following Maryland's 79-74 victory over the South Dakota State Jackrabbits in the first round of the NCAA tournament. They discuss the scary last 8 minutes, Melo's bozo foul, an offensive explosion at the beginning of the second half, good defense in the first and Maryland second round opponent Hawaii. 

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Today in the SVP Lounge, the guys convene to discuss a consecutive loss to the Michigan State in the Big Ten tournament semifinals, the grueling water cooler conversations that result from it, the Maryland Tease being alive and well, looking at South Dakota State and the South Region, a fun half against Nebraska and how we’d all take a Sweet 16 appearance and go home happy.

Topics discussed include:

  • Listening to the watercooler talk following a Maryland loss is brutal, even worse around tournament time
  • Dan’s dad is full of old white guy hot takes
  • The guys are struggling to get excited for the NCAA tournament after a tough loss to Michigan State and a stumbling end to the regular season
  • Dan watched both games solo, CT watch Nebraska solo
  • The Maryland Tease is alive and well, you best prepare yourself
  • The Terps take on South Dakota State on Friday, would face the winner of Cal-Hawaii on Sunday if they advance out of the first round
  • The guys just want to see Maryland get out of the Sweet 16
  • Melo Trimble should’ve tried to score instead of being hopelessly intent on the foul. His ugly three pointer, as well as Jake Layman’s, before that play were also offensive
  • Dan has indigestion over the fact that Michigan State was always able to get back on defense
  • How much fun was the first half against Nebraska?
  • Golf clap for Jake Layman, he’s really had a great year
  • Dan thinks Michigan State got jobbed with their seeding, CT thinks Indiana got jobbed as a five
  • Looking at the rest of the South Region

Wake Up With CT: Looking Back at Indiana and Looking Ahead to the Big Ten Tournament

Today in the SVP Lounge, it’s Early Morning with CT as he looks back at Maryland’s loss to Indiana, and how the Terps ran into a buzzsaw in Assembly Hall – while not doing themselves any favors. Plus, a few words on Maryland’s potential opponents in the Big Ten quarters and how the Terps postseason accolades are indicative of their season.