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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan, Eric and Matt discuss an actual football game with the Terrapins first week match against the Richmond Spiders. They get into Perry Hills winning the quarterback battle, tailgating, watching the game at a wedding, the Maryland-Under Armour New York Times story, the new court at the Xfinity Center, the release of the Big Ten basketball schedule and much more.
If you haven’t already listened, check out our 2015 football season preview and “The Maryland Draft.” It’s great way to geet ready for Saturday and to enjoy throughout your Labor Day weekend.
Topics discussed include:

  • Perry Hills wins the quarterback battle over Caleb Rowe and Daxx Garman
  • The guys give their thoughts on the first week starter. Dan considers it a conservative move by Randy Edsall
  • Eric is a little higher on Hills, admires his GRIT and TOUGHNESS
  • CT thinks Hills was picked because he outperformed his counterparts at camp, but he wonders if Rowe or Garman play the first three games against weaker opponents, if they'd round into form
  • Eric to miss his first home game since high school 
  • Dan talks about his college visit to Virginia, he hated it
  • The guys digress and debate the merits of the SAT
  • “Some people were good at smoking cigarettes in the bathroom and some people are good at the SATs"
  • CT gives an intel rundown on the Richmond Spiders
  • Matt joins the pod, has just returned from meeting Uncle Fred at the Moose Creek Lodge to split the family’s football tickets
  • Dan wants to tailgate and leave, Matt wants to only go to the game — Both are a working on their logistics 
  • Eric and CT will be at weddings, share their watching strategies
  • The guys talk the Maryland-Under Armour New York Times story and the nuggets within the article. Can’t beat that kind of press!
  • Kevin Anderson apparently involved in the original Maryland Pride uniform brainstorming session 
  • The new basketball court at the Xfinity Center has been officially unveiled and my God is it sexy
  • The guys reel off Maryland’s Big 10 conference basketball schedule and give their expectations after the first three games of conference play
  • Town Hall Liquors is being sold
  • Matt is surprised Rowe wasn’t picked to be the starter, says if Hills underperforms it’s all on Edsall. If Rowe would’ve started, it’d be on him
  • Everyone worried that Hills isn’t very good, everyone is also scared of the offensive line
  • Enjoy the holiday weekend!
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Maryland Football - 2015 Season Preview
Today on Red Shell Radio, CT, Dan, Eric and Matt deliver a monstrous 2015 Maryland Terrapin football preview podcast. In this preseason primer, the guys let you know what to expect from both sides of the ball this season, breaking things down unit-by-unit and running through the schedule. 
This is another in-person show recorded to kick off the season. If you have yet to do so, listen to last week’s “The Maryland Draft” show, where the Red Shell guys assembled teams with various Terp-related institutions, such as the Maryland Flag, Under Armour and the Gary Williams fist pump.
Red Shell Radio will return next week to talk Richmond Spiders, the opening weekend of the college football season, basketball news and speculation, tailgating and much more.
Topics discussed this include:

  • Go back and listen to the Maryland Draft episode from last week
  • The plan is to preview the 2015 football season, going through unit-by-unit and doling out hot takes
  • Eric wants to fast forward to 2016
  • Most of the guys agree the Rutgers game still stings, 8 wins would’ve been nice, Matt disagrees
  • Every gives their general feelings on the team this year, overall strengths, concerns
  • First and foremost, the quarterback battle is discussed, Oklahoma State transfer Daxx Garman brought in to compete for the starting job
  • Dan and Matt think Caleb Rowe is Randy Edsall’s guy — That’s the first official hot take of the pod
  • The offense is going to look much different with whoever is playing quarterback than it did with CJ Brown last year
  • Rowe is a GUNSLINGER and Perry Hills is the GRIT
  • Moving onto the running game, Brandon Ross and Wes Brown are battling to be the no. 1 option
  • Last year’s running game was atrocious, CJ Brown was your leading rushing
  • It’s imperative that Maryland figures our a way to be successful running the ball
  • Dan presents his research on the offensive line, we’re going to start seeing some of the talent Randy has accrued in the past few years, average offensive line weight jumped 10 pounds
  • Big losses at receiver from last year, but the cupboard remains stocked with talent
  • Eric is worried about the group is mostly unproven
  • The guys are bummed about losing Juwann Winfree and Marcus Leak
  • Shifting over to the defensive side of the ball with a bit of review from last year 
  • Keith Dudzinski replaces Brian Stewart, implements 4-3 defense
  • The secondary could be lockdown this season, safeties are strong upperclassmen and the cornerbacks could be the best in the Big Ten
  • It’s redemption time for AJ Hendy, Matt says to look out for Denzel Conyers, Anthony Nixon took his lumps on those early bad Randy teams, but now is primed for a breakout
  • Will Likely is the most important player on the team, obvz 
  • Sean Davis will play cornerback full time this year, is a prolific tackler
  • Alvin Hill is back from injury as well
  • All four of Maryland’s starting linebackers graduated, but, like with the wide receiver position, there is talent
  • Maryland loses Abner Logan in camp
  • Defensive line is the biggest question mark on this team
  • Quinton Jefferson is back from injury, Yannick Ngakoue has moved to defensive end
  • Dan wants to do see Kingsley Opara and his cardigan on the field 
  • Reflecting on Brad Craddock’s greatness
  • The Terps could be in a lot of close games, and a good special teams could be the difference maker
  • Matt hated Nate Renfro last year, thinks he’ll meet seven people that night in D.C. that are better than Renfro
  • Can Craddock punt?
  • Likely is a king punt returner
  • The guys move on to running down the season
  • CT is missing the home opener, Michigan, possibly Penn State
  • At West Virginia is the first real test of the season
  • If Maryland could win one of West Virginia/Michigan, they’ll be in good shape
  • CT will be in San Francisco during the Ohio State game, Dan runs down CT’s recent travel spots
  • Penn State in Baltimore is the biggest game of the year
  • There will be guests abound this season, so stay tuned
  • Eric is worried about injuries by the time we get to the Iowa game
  • Wisconsin and Michigan State stand to be back-to-back losses
  • Terps could close the season strong with wins over Indiana and Rutgers
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The Maryland Draft
Today on Red Shell Radio, Dan, Matt and Eric join CT in the SVP Lounge, live and in person to kick of their fourth season of podcasting. To get things started this year, the pod holds the “Maryland Draft,” where the guys each draft three University of Maryland-related items. With 12 overall picks, the guys select things like Under Armour, the Maryland flag, Testudo and much more. 
Red Shell Radio will resume its schedule of recording Mondays and releasing shows Tuesday mornings starting next week with an overstuffed football preview podcast.
Topics discussed include:

  • Red Shell Radio is back for its fourth season, kicking off the year with the Maryland draft
  • CT is terrible with his phone, plays mean voicemail Matt leaves him
  • The guys will go through and draft 12 Maryland-related items
  • Eric takes the national championship team with the first pick
  • The guys run into Gary Williams in Rehoboth Beach
  • Dan selects the Thirsty Turtle, says it defines his college career
  • CT picks the Maryland flag with the third pick
  • The “What are your bottom five states?” discussion starts, but is ultimately tabled, Matt considers Pennsylvania and Ohio bottom five
  • Matt takes Under Armour with the fourth pick
  • Eric takes Scott Van Pelt, one of the most visible Maryland alums, always pumping up the Terps
  • Dan takes the Gary Williams fist pump
  • CT takes noon kickoffs, the guys talk about how noon kicks have defined the recent Maryland football fan experience, getting to the parking lot early to tailgate and streaming the game on the internet
  • Matt takes non revenue sports
  • Eric takes Chick-fil-a in Stamp Student Union, agreed that the food court as a whole is top notch
  • Dan continues to draft on nostalgia and drafts the $54.99 keg of Natural Light at Town Hall Liquors
  • CT takes Testudo, they all comment on his various forms
  • Matt takes Debbie Yow spending irresponsibly, defends her track record as an athletics director
  • Eric’s girlfriend Amy steps in as an impartial judge, declares CT the winner
  • Dan runs down everyone’s draft classes, declares Eric his winner
  • The guys don’t want to do the draft again next year
  • CT reels off the “undrafted free agents"
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Summer Grab Bag Podcast

On today's Red Shell Radio, the guys convene during the offseason to hit on a wide sprectrum of Maryland Terrapin topics. The guys run down the biggest news items by literally picking them out of a hat. 

The podcast will resume its regular weekly schedule the week before the 2015 football season begins (August 31 of September 1). Look out for one or two more offseason editions of the show. 

Subscribing on iTunes or following us on Twitter are the best ways to ensure you don't miss an episode.

Here are the topics selected from the hat, in no particular order:

  • Rasheed Sulaimon transfers from Duke to Maryland
  • Vegas pegs Terps as favorite to winner NCAA title
  • CT to miss football opener, Mchigan, the entire pod could miss Penn State
  • Dwayne Haskins commits to maryland
  • Terps baseball have another great season
  • Terps men’s lacrosse loses in the national championship game
  • Vegas sets Maryland win total at 4.5 – over or under?!
  • Marcus Leak and Juwann Winfree are doneski
  • Basketball to play Georgetown at home, North Carolina on the road
  • Basketball to play Princeton in Baltimore
  • Former Oklahoma State quarterback Daxx Garman transfers to Maryland
  • Albert Reid transfers to Virginia
  • Dan, CT are headed to the beach
  • Beer to be sold in Byrd Stadium, Xfinity Center


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This week in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan, Matt and Eric convene one last time to look back a successful 2014-15 Maryland basketball season and look ahead to a promising 2015-16 season with the news of Diamond Stone’s commitment.

Thanks to everyone who listened this year. This was easily the best season of the podcast and our next should prove even better. 

Red Shell Radio will record monthly throughout the offseason until college football looms in August. Once the Maryland football season is underway, the podcast will resume it’s weekly schedule of posting a new show every Tuesday morning from the start of football season to the end of basketball season.

Topics discussed include: 

  • Thoughts on West Virginia getting drubbed by Kentucky
  • Two of the Final Four teams are from the Big Ten, Terps 3-1 against Michigan State and Wisconsin
  • Who’s your team MVP? Dez and Melo both got all-conference honors, but if they only gave one of those out, who do you hand it to?
  • Who’s your non-Dez, non-Melo MVP? What about the next tier of guys under Jake Layman?
  • What was your favorite non-Wisconsin game?
  • Best in-pod interruption? Drunk Ders, Eric’s fire alarm going off mid-interview or Matt’s roommates barging into his room?
  • What non-Northwestern game was Maryland’s luckiest win? / The game you felt was the most in doubt
  • Which non-Melo player takes the biggest leap next year?
  • We know nothing about Ivan Bender
  • Diamond Stone commits to Maryland
  • Dan found out about Stone’s commitment while peeing, recounts the time he dropped his phone in the toilet at work
  • Gushing about Stone. Easy to get excited about next year already
  • Mark Turgeon is likely to pick up one more player, people talking about
  • Damion Lee from Drexel as a perfect fit
  • Final reflections on the season 


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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan and Matt convene to anguish over and break down Maryland’s second round loss to West Virginia in the NCAA tournament.

Topics discussed include:

  • Thanks to BSR Network for featuring our podcast
  • End of the season is new terrirory for the show
  • We’ll be back next week to recap the entire basketball season
  • We made it through a full season, let’s bring back the "cancel the pod” bit
  • The guys talk about their game-viewing situations, harassment from West Virginia fans
  • CT and Matt prefer to watch alone, Dan has to go to a bar
  • Dan is routinely the most obnoxious person in the bar
  • With the pod being canceled the guys air their grievances with each other
  • They put off talking about the loss to West Virginia
  • The first half was relatively good, they shot the ball well, beat the press
  • Felt positive going into halftime
  • Dan was forever waiting for Dez Wells to find himself
  • The second half was the complete opposite, there was an impending sense of doom from the beginning
  • Once Melo Trimble was out, it was a “slow drip of death”
  • Dan feels bad for himself
  • Terps had a chance to cut down West Virginia’s lead half way through the second, but couldn’t hit any shots — After that West Virginia were relentless and Maryland was marred at every turn
  • What’s the deal with Layman? Where does he go from here?
  • Matt gives credit to West Virginia, says they wanted it more
  • Who do you want to win, West Virginia or Kentucky?
  • Dan has a bitter taste in his mouth with this loss, the loss to Michigan State and the loss to Rutgers in football
  • The Terps take a pretty big step forward, defy preseason expectations 
  • It’s not easy to make the Sweet 16
  • Bob Huggins’ daughters tweet about Dez Wells, causes an uproar
  • Where are the Terps ranked in the 2015-16 preseason poll? This is a dumb conversation
  • Matt is happy he never has to watch Varun Ram again


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Today on Red Shell Radio, CT, Dan, Eric and Matt convene immediately following Maryland’s NCAA tournament victory over Valparaiso in the first round to discuss everything that went down in another tight Terrapin contest. Later, they get into the second round match-up against border rival West Virginia. 

Topics discussed inclue:

  • Maryland grinds out another win
  • Dan and Matt’s disjointed attempts to watch the entire game
  • Terps come out sharp, always about how they respond when the other team starts making shot
  • Dez Wells sits with two early fouls
  • Eric says this game went as he expected, sloppy and choppy
  • Jared Nickens on fire in the first half
  • Terps found success when Valparaiso wasn’t able to set up its defense
  • Terps can’t build a bigger cushion going into halftime
  • Damonte Dodd has a good game, gets a bullshit technical foul, fouls out on a bad call too
  • The second half was a seesaw
  • The Terps adjusted on offense as the game went along, able to attack the zone defense
  • Evan Smotrycz has a good game
  • Jake Layman disappears again, will catch up to Maryland if he can’t get going in the next game
  • Eric was relieved when Layman fouled out, Matt says he’s worried about Layman’s psyche 
  • Valpo hit a ton of tough shots, are a good team, well coached by Bryce Drew
  • Varun Ram is the defensive substitution of the evening, steals the ball as Valpo attempted to send it into overtime
  • Ram was a trending Twitter topic
  • He probably should’ve gotten called for a foul
  • West Virginia is Maryland’s second round match-up, presents some serious problems from the Terps
  • Eric feels better after beating Valpo, thinks the Terps can edge it out
  • CT rooting for Maryland, despite his Mountaineer roots
  • Dan thinks West Virginia is a bunch of chuckers
  • Matt doesn’t like the West Virginia match-up at all
  • Dez and Melo Trimble should be able to handle the press 


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Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan and Eric convene to discuss the disappointing draw the Terps received in the NCAA tournament, picking up a #4 seed, a first round match-up with Valparaiso, a potential second round game against Buffalo or West Virginia and Kentucky looming in the Sweet 16.

Later, the guys welcome Sports Junkies producer and Maryland alum Matt Valdez down to the Lounge to reflect on the season, where the Terrapins landed in the bracket, talk about KenPom and the Terps’ “luck,” comparing Maryland to a recent Orioles team, what to expect from Valparaiso, his March Madness trip to Las Vegas, and his tailgating tactics. 

The guys wrap up the show agreeing that between the loss to Michigan State and Selection Sunday, a little bit of the excitement has been drained out of them. Also, they detail what they did on Saturday night to cope with the loss to the Spartans. 


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RSR-Terps Lose to Sparty, the Pod Meltdowns, Readies for NCAAs

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan and Eric convene following the semi-final loss to Michigan State to sort through the wreckage and look ahead to the NCAA tournament. Red Shell Radio reflects on a great first half, but they didn’t think it would last. The guys then look at the flatness of the second half and how the Terps eventually lost. CT melts down on people patting themselves on the back for “calling” this loss. The guys agree Terp fans need to move on and hope for good things in the NCAA tournament. Expectations have adjusted for this team and the second weekend of the tournament is the new goal. 

We’ll be back on Tuesday morning to discuss where Maryland is going in the first weekend and preview who they will face. 


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RSR-Maryland Downs Indiana in Big Ten Quarters

This evening in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan, Matt and Eric convene following Maryland’s thrilling victory over Indiana in the Big Ten quarter finals. The guys immediately salt any “this team is lucky” talk by examining how the Terps keep winning close games. They heap praise on the team, come to terms with its shortcomings and how they overcome them. Later, they discuss who they’d rather play, Ohio State or Michigan State (This episode was recorded during that quarter final game), and agree that at this stage it’s a matter of picking your poison. Plus: Should the guys all wear the same shirts they wore for the Indiana game during tomorrow’s semifinals?

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